Victims and Offenders in Two Crime Statistics Programs

Victims and Offenders in Two Crime Statistics Programs

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In the article Victims and Offenders in Two Crime Statistics Programs: A Comparison of the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), (herein after NCVS and NIBRS will be called “systems” when referencing the statistics of the nature of the crimes), the comparison of the two reporting systems for crimes are similar. These two reporting systems are a visual representation of the crimes that are reported. They do not account for crimes that are not reporting or crimes that are reported after the date. They report crime only when there is an official report, such as one by the officer that comes to the scene of the crime to take statements from the individuals. NCVS and NIBRS are only report burglary, larceny, aggravated assault, and vehicle theft. They do not report on more serious crimes such as rape or murder.
Every report was different for males and females. Males where committing more crimes than female in every category mentioned above for offenders. Aggravated assault victims had more male than female. The crimes where committed against males more than females. This was reported by both systems noting that males where victimized more than females. Robbery was the same way noting that males were victimized more than females.
Larceny and vehicle theft on both systems display white people has have being the must victimized out the other races. This includes white males and white females. This is broke down to head of household.
The two systems are a good representation of crime through statistics of race and the actual crime. Through NCVS, the FBI crime system NIBRS can conduct a trend analysis for the crimes and the victims that are affected by the crimes. This can also serve as a tool to higher more police to the areas that are affected more with crime. The article; The Relationship Between Crime Reporting and Police: Implications for the Use of Uniform Crime Reports, Steven Levit, discusses the problem with police reporting and how there is no standard for the reporting across the nation. Therefore people believe that the reports are not accurate due to how different police organizations conduct their investigations. In this article, the author discusses estimates for crime versus city. The author is working with Craig who introduced this way of thought and idea in 1987.

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There are two important flaws within Craig’s estimates. Levit says “ The first is imprecision. The two-standard deviation confidence interval of the estimate covers the entire range of plausible magnitudes. Second, identification of the model relies on excluding a number of socioeconomic and demographic factors including the percentage male, the percentage married, the percentage unemployed, and income values.” With out this information, how can an estimate of crime per race per gender be correctly tracked? This information is portraying a community and what type of community. If a community is struggling, how will we know which community is struggling? How will we know how to correctly staff law enforcement organizations with the correct ratio of members of a society in a community? As of now police staffing city-by-city basis, however not knowing which city and where will play a big part in the tracking of crimes from race to gender and which crime. Relative reporting is also a factor when tracking the crimes in a city and comparing them to race and gender. This article discusses interviews of around 10,000 households roughly 20 years prior to this article being published. In this article, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) surveyed cities and crimes associated with the city. The NCVS surveyed 26 large American Cities.
The article Victims and Offenders in Two Crime Statistics Programs: A Comparison of the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) did not discuss crimes related to cities. This article is a different survey conducted by the NCVS. The NCVS conducts both surveys for the appropriate crimes. The crimes are being conducted more and usually have a more severe outcome then crimes like petty theft. This article discusses the importance of the collection effort in different data collection. The difference in the collection efforts and the difference in how police conduct investigations. This is the only item that is the same across three articles. Police investigations are not consistent therefore this may play a huge deal in which crime is reported or the crime being reporting is male or female. Also this will play a huge factor if race is an issue in a struggling community or a community that is prosperous.
This article reviews the crime of rape and how it is different from other forms of crime. Rape is seldom reported and severe. This article suggest that the majority of the victims are white and than black. After white and black, other codes of race follow. However there is no information on the rape offender in regards to race. There is no information in regards to who committed the crime when trying to justify the crime only that the crime was committed.
Again this article only compares white, black, and other. This article depicts whites being the one most victimized or the one who is making the report on the crime in reference to them.
In the two articles, Victims and Offenders in Two Crime Statistics Programs: A Comparison of the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and The Relationship Between Crime Reporting and Police: Implications for the Use of Uniform Crime Reports, they discuss the crime and who might be responsible for the crime as far as the race and gender. These wo articles do not discuss the particular city with in the United States. However they do discuss cities. These two articles do not discuss which city in particular. This makes a big difference in the proper way to gain intelligence on which city is affected more by crime than one another. The community in where someone lives in, and reports a crime is not clear on which community these surveys come from. They do not differentiate the different societies from poor to upper class in society. Therefore different societies are not properly addressed for victimization. The ratio between police and civilians are not proportionate to the city and what they gave to accomplish to have a certain impact on the affects of crime. The police investigations are not within a standard amongst the different cities that are conducted with in this research. Therefore the research on the crime specific cannot be judged and understood as the statistic stands. The crime reported is a crime reported. However the crimes that aren’t reported are linked to a number of things such as police not being available for the crime to take the report and start the investigation. Other factors are the community the individuals who are in the community who are being victimized. This is because the lack of police per civilian in the given society or community. That is not to say that poor communities do not have the same respect as communities that have upper class. In these two articles this was not broken down in regards to poor and upper class districts.
This has become the main reason why statistics are not properly reported. These two articles can base their information on information that has not been completed. Meaning the not completed information is because of the lack of intelligence that is not derived from the collection efforts from the police force. This is most likely because of the assets for each police force is not always available. The way the police conducts their investigations are not a standard amongst the different police force.
In the article Bigger is not Necessarily Better: An Analysis of Violence Against Women Estimates form the National Crime Victimization Survey and the National Violence Against Women Survey discusses the measure against women who have been violated. The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAWS) has had similar results with the NCVS. The NVAWS contrast the results of women being violated or they are a victim of a crime with the NCVS. The NCVS is in conjunction with the NVAWS in order to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NVAWS was a one time thing in 1995 ad lasted till 1996. The NVAWS was a one time telephone survey. This survey was to improve the overall awareness of a crime associated to women such as rape, physical assault, and stalking of the individual.
The difference between the NCVS and the NVAWS is the person conducting the research conducted it in a manner that was comprised of a screening segment and an incident report. The NVAWS screener is more personal than a NCVS screener. The NVAWS starts at the child than works there way through adulthood. This is because of the appropriate tracking of crimes committed against an individual.
The NCVS and the NVAWS has a strategic plan. The plan is to make the crimes committed against women as close a possible to the crime. This will alleviate the possibly of a crime that s not reported. In the article The Relationship Between Crime Reporting and Police: Implications for the Use of Uniform Crime Reports, the author does not discuss the NVWAS and it is not incorporated in the articles findings. However the article The Relationship Between Crime Reporting and Police: Implications for the Use of Uniform Crime Reports was discussed 20 years prior than the NVWAS was completed. The information would drastically be different than on another if these two where already incorporated together to improve the overall outcome of tracking the crimes related women and their race. The numbers for women being raped and the violator not being discussed are extremely high and do not match up the to the article The Relationship Between Crime Reporting and Police: Implications for the Use of Uniform Crime Reports. The information in presented differently because of the information that was produced. The numbers for NCVS are much lower than the numbers of NVAWS.
I believe if you want to rotary the exact numbers or numbers for crimes, than you need to know the actual figures from the history. These crimes are relevant and need to be to tracked. The FBI does not track crimes that may happen more often than others. Therefore who knows what a typical police force staffing is supposed to be. Out of these three articles, I feel that the biggest problem for not having uniformity for reporting, making a catalogue of the crime, where the crime was committed and who the crime was committed against, will never be accurate. States or governments have to learn how to combat these crimes. Some crimes are more sever than others. However a crime is a crime and each crime should be treated the same. The overall problem I noticed between these three articles was more over the police force. I feel if there was a stronger police force to handle the amount of crime that was happening within a different city, and I also feel that, police uniformity and the way they conduct investigations will greatly enhance the capability of tracking the crimes.

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