The Victimization Of Women 's Domestic Violence Essay examples

The Victimization Of Women 's Domestic Violence Essay examples

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The Victimization of Women in Domestic Violence
According to the gender role theory, the victimization of women begins during the traditional socialization of children. During the early years of socialization, girls are taught to be passive to the stronger male. Because of this passivity, girls are then more vulnerable to becoming victims later in life. Girls are also socialized to be sexually appealing to men, more so than men are to women. This leads to a media portrayal of women that can make girls more susceptible to sexual abuse later in life. Boys on the other had are socialized to be aggressive, self-reliant, and in control at all times. This leads to a patriarchy, where men hold top positions and are constantly in charge. By wanting to keep their power, men may engage in the victimization of women by acting in physical or sexual abuse. Women are also reported as to be fearful of going to the police when there is a situation. While domestic violence has declined over the past four decades, it was previously not seen as a major concern among officials. Also, even though domestic violence has declined significantly, there is still a large amount of domestic violence in poor minority households.
During the early years of socialization, girls are taught to be passive to the stronger male. Because of this passivity, girls are then more vulnerable to becoming victims of physical and sexual assault later in life. According to the gender role theory, boys are socialized to be “aggressive, self-reliant, and in control at all times” (Lecture). Thus, men are supposed to show off strength and leadership in all aspects of life. Throughout history and even today, men are in control of the majority of high paying jobs and ...

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...e to exit, or threaten to exit their relationships and experience less violence. In order to avoid losing their partner, men must lessen their use of violence. With this we should expect a couple of situations in which a women’s situation would help their victimization. For one, we should expect that women who have greater earnings or earning potential are more likely to leave abusive relationships (5). These women are more likely to leave because they are able to support themselves on their own. We should also expect the gender equality of their community to provide them with better opportunity and alternatives to leaving an abusive relationship. According to Farmer and Tiefenthaler, “For example, a woman’s threat to leave her abuser is much more credible if she lives in an area where a large percentage of women are employed and women’s wages are high” (5).

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