The Victimization of LGBTQ Essay

The Victimization of LGBTQ Essay

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Regrettably, in the respect of victimization, there are many groups of minorities that become victims to society’s cruel intentions. For example, the elderly, or people with disabilities, foster care children and people who identify as LGBTQ, with the many. For those who don’t know LGBTQ stands for the following; lesbians, gay, bisexual, transsexual and people who are questioning their sexuality. As much as society has grown over the years there are still quite a few people who are bothered by the sexual orientation of these individuals. The truth is that being straight, gay, lesbian, etc does not change the rights of a person and does not change them from being a human being just like anyone else. Everyone should be treated equal no matter their sexual orientation, race or religion.
In the United States, there are approximately 581,300 same sex couples, according to the American community survey of 2012. Approximately 253,576 are male to male and 300,890 are female to female households. (Lofquist & Ellis, 2011) It is clear that there is diversity of sexual taste.versity of sexual preference. Age wise is also not a very big difference since the sexual preference of a person could take place from child to elderly. Nevertheless the highest portion of same sex couples living in together would be between the ages of 45 and 54 which it being close to 30% followed by 25% of the ages 35 to 44. Approximately 88% of the LGBTQ population are from white origin followed by a capital deviation, which would be Hispanic with 10% and African American with 8%. The lowest would be of Asian origin coming in with about 3-5%. (American Community Survey, 2012) With such high numbers it has been understood that people being LBGTQ are coming out more. Se...

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... stop crime against those minorities that need help to become more known to the world. LGBTQ, it does not matter what they are, they should be accepted as the person they are and they were born to be.

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