The Victim Of Painful Accidents Essay

The Victim Of Painful Accidents Essay

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She remained active on the farm and, just like other farmers could be the victim of painful accidents. On May 31, 1910, at the age of 62, Annabella was coming down from the loft of the old barn. She had been
hasty in placing the ladder and in climbing down the ladder slipped. She fell to the floor breaking a
couple of ribs and got a general bruising. Happily, she recovered. But not two days later, Wade cut his hand as he worked away from the farm in a tanning bark camp. He healed as well. Annabella would have Spring to look after the farm for a while and Malcolm if she needed. She lived to an age of 68, eight of which she spent pregnant. She finally succumbed to heart disease, as her husband did, on December 17, 1916. At the funeral in Parry Sound were most of her sons and Euphemia (except for Spring who was in Manitoba and Wade, who had moved out west to Saskatchewan near Alberta, and William. Why Flora didn 't attend is unkown.). She was buried in perpetuity alongside Zachariah in the
Foley Cemetery. The farm was initially sold to a man by the name of Carruthers, then in June 1919 to a
Mr Thomas. It was accidentally burnt down in 1920.

After Effy McDougall died in 1906, her husband Malcolm lived for another 6 years. Annabella 's father had lived 93 years finally succumbing to old age in his Foley home with its beaver meadow nearby, showing
the McDougall genes for longevity.
Murdoch 's life was much calmer than his Watts namesake. He had two children by his first wife Isabella Liness, Flora in 1878 and Murdoch Wilder in 1885. He still could have his share of trouble however. As he had done 15 years previously Murdoch had to sue for what he believed to be money owed. In this case, the contractor Richard Reese Hall was tasked wi...

... middle of paper ...

...e was stationed in Red Deer Alberta. He briefly returned back to Ardbeg to marry Helen Rajamaki on March 30, 1944. She was the daughter of Bruno Rajamaki of nearby Waubumik. (He
himself had a colourful history being a Finnish immigrant and a staunch Canadian joining the Mackenzie- Papineau Battalion as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1938). After the marriage, a small

reception was held, involving 16 guests and a ‘delicious chicken ' supper. William’s leave soon ran out
and had to return back to Red Deer.

As for William Sr., he was not heard of again. There were two legal actions as residues to all the problems. They were taken against the Watts in 1913 one by the Doctor Applebe (for $14.05) and the other for legal services not paid for by the lawyer Weeks ($5.00). In both judgements the Watts lost.
How or if the restitution was paid for is not known.

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