The Vibrant Tradition and History of Niger Compare to the Current Bleak Economic Situation

The Vibrant Tradition and History of Niger Compare to the Current Bleak Economic Situation

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Niger, home of the free flowing Niger River is a Sub-Saharan country. Sadly it is an extremely poor country. With part of the country desert and less than 3% open for crop use. The present economic situation is bleak at best. Yet, the vibrant tradition and history of this country live today in its tribes and its people even through all of its adversities. From severe droughts to military coups to a dysfunctional government to the culture has stayed strong.
Niger is one of the most poorly located places in the world. With few natural resources and even fewer arable land it needs help from a lot of countries. Niger receives most of their imports from France. They get various objects from donations as sixty-four percent of Nigerians are in poverty. For example, used clothing is a big import they receive. They also receive medicines. With lots of diseases and one doctor for every 41500 patients medicine is a coveted object. Other goods imported to Niger are rolled tobacco, radioactive chemicals, and petroleum products. Niger is a uranium rich country. Uranium is one of the most heavy natural occurring metal in the world. It is 18.7 times more dense than water. It is energy filled which is the reason why they use it in nuclear bombs. To give a perspective on how energy filled it is when Little Boy was dropped over Hiroshima only one point three eight percent of the uranium in the bomb exploded, the rest was blown away before it could fizz. .7 grams of uranium killed 80000 people and destroyed roughly sixty-six point seven percent of the buildings were destroyed in Hiroshima. They also export cow peas and onions.
Niger is eighty-percent desert which doesn't go well for natural resources or availability of water. The Niger Riv...

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...ger the President has a minimum of five years and can run for multiple elections. He also has to hire a Prime Minister which he or she shares the power with, unlike the US where the President picks a Vice Presidents and he or she acts like an assistant. In the US there is one head court, the Supreme Court. In Niger, though, there are four head courts, The Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice and the Court of State Security, each responsible for different types of cases. In Niger there are 113 seats in the Legislative Branch, each from different districts. Each has a five year term and run multiple times.
One of the most unique cultures in the world lies here, in this Sub-Saharan country. As I explained earlier, when the Songhai came to Niger they influenced most into Islam. Most people have stayed Muslim and roughly 90% are. The French

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