The Vexation Of Class By Nick Tingle Essay

The Vexation Of Class By Nick Tingle Essay

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The working class stay working and the middle class stay being middle. Author Nick Tingle, wrote “The vexation of class”, he argues that the working class and the middle class are separated based on culture and the commonplace. Tingle uses his own personal experiences and Ethos, to effectively prove his point about the difference in class; although, Tingle also falls short by adding unnecessary information throughout the article that weakens his belief entirely.

Tingle begins his article by refuting David Bartholomae’s “Inventing the University”, effectively based on his own social tragedy with the working and middle class. Tingle instantly increases his credibility on the subject as he has experience in both the working and middle class, “Both of my own educational experience as a member of the working class and of the pedagogy I employ as a teacher of writing with middle-class students”, proving he has experience with both classes and is more credible than Bartholomae. The working class home is also brought up in a distinctly different culture then the middle-class home,”At the dinner table my parents did not encourage me to elaborate upon my subjective intent.”, Tingle provides his own experience to elaborate the idea that the working class is brought up differently, to which hinders their creativity and personal thoughts. Furthermore, Tingle provides his own experience in high school with a working class school that limited his own creative writing based on the teacher 's expectations, “The teachers at my working-class high school gave assignments in the way working-class parents gave orders.”, based on this quote, Tingle explains that the working class schools operate in such a way that limits the student 's own ability’s s...

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...together. Furthermore, Tingle goes on to add yet another personal note about his family, “during his years working for the post office, one of my brothers was encouraged by management to join their ranks”, and goes on a tangent and seems to lose his focus on the argument itself. Although, Tingle has made effective arguments by taking a personal approach; however, Tingle loses credibility and uses stories that adds little to no credibility.

Tingle Uses his own personal experiences, and ethos to persuade the fact the middle and working class are separated by culture rather than their own intuition. However, Tingle lacks the effectiveness from his personal experience and ethos arguments by venting meaningless stories and arguments. Overall, Tingle expressed his opinion strongly and effectively with the exception of his tangents and ineffective citations and stories.

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