Essay on Veteren's Day Speech

Essay on Veteren's Day Speech

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Does this sound anything like the government we have today?
Or, does this sound like the government we have today?
The President and Congress spend trillions of dollars of taxpayer money in bailouts and stimulus to repay his supporters and determine winners and losers in the market place and business world. Winners play ball with Obama, losers go home broke…and at times, broken.

The President takes over automotive companies, ripping off investors and vendors, while repaying his Big Union boss contributors by giving them a slice of the companies.
In a feeding frenzy, he nationalizes business, industry, and financial intuitions, fires and hires managers and CEOs, and sets compensation for executives while warning of more to come. Does this sound like the U.S. government or Venezuela?
Healthcare disaster strikes our country when congress passes Obama’s idea of healthcare reform over the vehement objections of the American public. People are told lie upon lie in efforts to appease and soothe the open wounds left by a corrupt Congress and President. There is no doubt this was just one in a series of legislative maneuvers by this Congress and Administration to redistribute income. There is equally no doubt, this law will cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of American lives.
The refusal to enforce emigration law and protect our borders creates lawless, drug-infested areas in the Southwest where the Federal government resorts to placing signs warning people it is unsafe to travel in our own country.
It has become a test of wills between Obama, who wants amnesty for all illegals and their families to increase his power base, and the American people who believe in the rule of law and that borders are to be respected and gua...

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...e pursuit of Happiness? Does this sound like a government responsible to the people or a people in fear of their government?
Today we gather to celebrate the birth of the greatest country is the history of mankind. If we do not act swiftly and decisively to reverse the downward spiral, we are in danger of losing everything our Founding Fathers created and passed to us and everything the brave men and women of our Armed Forces have fought and died for. We are losing the very soul of our nation.
In closing, I would like to thank all of you Veterans for your service and your sacrifice for our great land. Without you we could not be here.
We need a Congress like the Continental Congresses; dedicated to liberty.
Happy Birthday America!
It is time to proclaim a new Declaration of Independence…this time from our own government!
Now, let’s take back our country!!

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