Vetarans Deserve to be Treated as Heroes Essays

Vetarans Deserve to be Treated as Heroes Essays

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Veterans deserve to be treated as the heroes that they are. Throughout the years the way veterans are treated when they return from war has changed. Instead of being treated with care from both the government and public, they are not given much importance. Since wars such as World War II and the Gulf War, soldiers have not enjoyed the grand parade receivement that they deserve to for fighting for us. Our veterans are not even getting proper medical care. The government as well as the American public does not treat veterans adequately due to a lack of recognition, mental and physical counseling, and financial aid. These veterans have risked their lives for us the least they could receive is adequate care from both the government and the public.
The way the public receives and cares for veterans has changed throughout the years. When soldiers returned from wars such as Word War II they were received with a grand parade. The public would treat them as heroes, and many celebrations were held in honor of these soldiers. When Vietnam soldiers returned they were treated quite differently. Vietnam veterans were greeted by protestors and a hostile public. Even family and friends treated them as though it did not matter that they had returned from the war. Many of the people barley acknowledged the fact that these soldiers were returning from war and had put their lives on the line for us. Even today, returning war soldiers do not get received as they should. According to an article by The Huffington Post, “Most welcome-homes have been smaller-scale: hugs from families at military posts across the country, a somber commemoration by President Barack Obama at Fort Bragg in North Carolina” (Prois). Sure our veterans are received better now t...

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... as a public should make that difference. We should give these heroes the adequate care that they deserve. It is time to give them the importance that they need and not let them be roaming our streets homeless. It is not fair that after being away from home for so long, fighting and risking their lives for our nation, they come home to nothing. Both the government and the public should provide support for our war survivors. As Opposing Viewpoints states, “If ... Congress really wants to support our troops, it should start by spending a few more pennies on the ones who have already fought and come home” (Bilmes). If the government does not do anything more to help these veterans than we as a community should join forces and begin to help fund programs or find other ways that will help these soldiers. It is not too late to give these heroes what they need and deserve.

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