Vertex-Edge Graphs Tutoring Essay

Vertex-Edge Graphs Tutoring Essay

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Introduction to vertex-edge graphs tutoring:

Vertex-edge graph is a very interesting and important part of discrete mathematics. The graphs have group of shapes or objects called as vertices and other group whose elements are called as nodes or edges. The node or edge having the same vertex it’s starting and ending both vertices is known as self-loop or simply a loop. If there is one or more than one edge is connecting a given pairs of vertices then they are called as parallel type edges. Let us see tutoring of vertex-edge graph in this article.
The detailed description about vertex-dedge graphs in our tutoring:

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Some key points of the vertex-edge graphs:

* The graphs that have neither loops nor parallel type edges are called as simple graphs or simply graphs. When the vertex is the end vertex of some edges then the edges are said to be incident on that vertex. The number of edges incidental on the vertex is known as the degree of the vertex and loop is enumerate twice for number the degree.
* The vertex has no incident node on it is called as an isolated vertex and their vertices are zero degree. The vertex of unit degree, which is whose degree, is one, which is called as an end vertex, pendant vertex or.
* The definition of graphs, it is possible for the edge group to be empty though the graphs have some vertices. Such graphs wi...

... middle of paper ...

... = 13 -2

= 11

Therefore the total number of edge E = 10.

2) In the geometric figure the vertex V = 6 and the face, F = 6. Find the edge of the geometric figure using the formula.


Vertex, V = 3

Face, F = 2

Formula for number of edge given in the geometric figure, E = (V + F) -2

= (3 + 2) – 2

= 5 -2

= 3

Therefore the total number of edge E = 3.

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