Veronica Roth Asks, Do You Have What it Takes to Be Divergent? in the Book Insurgent

Veronica Roth Asks, Do You Have What it Takes to Be Divergent? in the Book Insurgent

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In our society we are lucky to have so many choices about how we live. We can be smart yet still respect others, we can be brave yet still sincere. In the second book, Insurgent, from the dystopian series Divergent, the people are not as lucky and do not have choices. Veronica Roth wrote this science fiction book showing a futuristic look at Chicago, in which people are placed into factions (groups) based on certain characteristics and an aptitude test that they are forced to take when they turn sixteen. The main character is Tris, who falls under the category of divergent, meaning that she belongs in more than one faction. People like her have to keep the secret of being divergent or else they would be in danger of being killed.
As I mentioned before, Insurgent is book two in this dystopian series. To recap Divergent, there are five factions in this society: Candor (honesty), Abnegation (selfless-ness), Erudite (knowledge), Dauntless (bravery), and Amity (sincerity). Each one stands for a certain trait, and for example if you are placed in dauntless then you are to only be brave not selfless or honest. You are only and always expected to be brave. In turn, most dauntless are conceived as cunning and mean. There are few people who have more than one of the five faction characteristics, but they have to hide the secret of being what they call “Divergent” because people try to kill the divergent or kick them out of their faction. They believe they do not fully belong to that faction. At the end of Divergent the Erudite have placed a simulation in all of the Dauntless people, and they are controlling them to attack the Abnegation, who control the government.
Insurgent starts exactly where Divergent left off; the city is now at wa...

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...oices affects us, and how lucky we are to live in the type of society that we have today. With choices come consequences, and sometimes dealing with the hardest consequences means that you made the right decision. Some people only look at the immediate consequences and therefore make bad decisions, but in the end we all have to live with the choices we make. No choice you make, no matter how bad, should make you want to give up on yourself. With any bad time there is a good lesson to come out of it. Tris had to deal with the sight and nightmares of her killing Will over and over again, but she managed to learn to live with the guilt and to use it for the better. Some people will fight for the right of having choices while others are scared and want to keep everything the way it is. In the end, choices can be hard to deal with but they are a necessity to human life.

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