Essay on Verizon Wireless and AT&T Analysis

Essay on Verizon Wireless and AT&T Analysis

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Imagine if nobody had a cellphone in today’s world. That’s why today everybody has some form of a cellphone contract with the four major companies (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile) or a less know cellphone provider. AT&T and Verizon Wireless provide more than the other two major companies.
Yes, all the four provide cellphone service, but what makes AT&T and Verizon stand out is that they go the extra mile in reaching every customer there is out there. If anybody does a google search and types in either AT&T or Verizon the first thing that comes up in their website is what type of services they offer. Verizon offers wireless service which means anything from the cellphones to the cellphone plans they provide. Residential service which includes Internet, TV& home phone services for your home. Business means anything that has to do with your business, Verizon will help you. AT&T has the same service wireless, residential, and business.
The mission that Verizon Wireless pursues is as a leader in communications, Verizon's mission is to enable people and businesses to communicate with each other. We are also committed to providing full and open communication with our customers, employees and investors. That’s just the beginning on their home page. Verizon has other values like customers first because they are ultimately the people that make them. Integrity always at the heart of everything they do. Respect is the critical component at every level of business. Performance Excellent Verizon holds itself to high standard of performance. Accountability holds each other responsible. “Great Companies are judged by what they do, not by what they say” Verizon Wireless

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AT&T missio...

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...eople playing with their phones “I assuming is their phones or it might be Verizon’s phone”. This to me seems a psychological mind game. They show you a picture of a person or couple smiling. That in turn should make you think if they are happy they I can be happy with a Verizon too.

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AT&T diversifies it’s promotions to grab different customers. AT&T is still in the market to grab every single customer out there. The same as Verizon it pops up different promotions, but AT&T has different promotions for different likes. It has a promotion for music, Samsung Galaxy, family plans, TV packages. Immediately on clicking on the AT&T the first thing that pops up is plans for every single device. Same thing as Verizon, AT&T has people smiling with their devices showing how happy they are with AT&T and their service.

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