Essay on Verbal And Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills

Essay on Verbal And Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills

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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills
Communication is truly complex, indeed, as there is a multitude of various methods in which to converse with other individuals. For instance, sociologist Anne Donnellon devised a technique (pertinent to groups and teams), which she refers to as "team talk." Moreover, Donnellon created the concept as an ideal form of discourse amongst team members. Exemplifying, Engleberg & Wynn (2013) provide insight into the six dimensions of team talk, which include the following:
1. Identification: (Use plural pronouns rather than singular, such as we; us; and, our);
2. Interdependence: (Use collective language by expressing shared, in contrast to individual needs);
3. Minimal Power Differentiation: (Use considerate language by corresponding with other members on equal terms, even if you are in a position of authority);
4. Social Equality: (Use casual, informal language, nicknames - avoid titles - along with slang, and expressing empathy, etc.);
5. Conflict Management: (Use collaborative language by voicing interest in resolving issues, paraphrasing others, alongside using non-threatening tones, and abstain from being judgmental towards other members);
6. Negotiation: (Use exploratory language - for instance, proposing objective criteria for solutions, summarizing areas of agreement, and by inquiring, "What if?" questions). (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013, p. 127).
In other words, when members use the idea of team speak when interacting with other members of their group they will notice optimal results in their endeavors as a team.
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
The most commonly known methods of communicating with other individuals include, verbal (which involves the use of words and lang...

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... when we engage in conversations with people;
• Relieves negative emotions;
• Has a positive effect on, “… how we act and react to others, and how they react to us,” according to MindTools (2016).
Listening Skills: Student Listening Inventory - Results Analysis
Truly listening when people are conveying their messages is a vital component regarding powerful communication skills. Shellenbarger (2014) explains, “Most people can think more than twice as fast as the average person talks, allowing the mind to wander.” After completing the Student Listening Inventory, I have a total score of one hundred eleven points. According to the Listening Inventory, interpretation of results ranging between eighty-seven through one hundred eleven means that I perceive myself as being a good listener in the classroom. Albeit, there is always room for improving my listening skills.

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