Essay about Venom is the Most Entertaining Super Villain or Hero

Essay about Venom is the Most Entertaining Super Villain or Hero

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Super-hero’s have certainly become a large part of the American culture, they are entertaining to watch, and they provide a great fantasy world for people’s imaginations’ to become bedazzled within. This is no recent insurgence, super-hero’s have been around since the fifty’s and sixty’s. America was experiencing very turbulent times during parts of those decades, and that is why the populace needed a diversion from everyday life, hence, super-hero’s. Super-hero’s led uncanny lives of melodrama, heroics, and even romance, and a day in the life of even the most extravagant humans paled in comparison. The most important aspect to any super-hero’s success is his or her dual identity. This is what makes every super-hero’s life more believable and yet more incredible at the same time. These same rules apply for super-villains. Without a doubt many super-hero’s and super-villains’ are entertaining to watch, but only one can beguile, compel and entertain as well as Venom, a nemesis of Spider-Man. Venom is the most captivating super-villain to follow due to his in-depth dual lives and his dual consciousnesses.
Despite any super-powers that a superhero or super-villain may posses the most compelling aspect of his or her life is, without a doubt, the dual life that he or she possesses. This is true because that dual life is what gives spectators the ability to relate to super-hero’s or super-villains, the extra dimension of mystery and excitement, the possibility of a romantic relationship, and a much needed weakness for these super-people. Each one of these aspects must be adequately appropriated as well, and must also be believable, for a character to be great super-person.
The biggest reason why a dual life is important is...

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...s, his romantic life, and even his family and friends. Secondly, Spider-Man and other enemies of Venom eventually learn who he is and where he works, which obviously create many conflicts for poor Eddie Brock.
Venom is the most fun super-person to watch because he displays all of the most important aspects of a dual identity, and his super-powers are very entertaining to watch. Existing in the super-world is a surfeit of super-hero’s and super-villains, and many of them are very good characters. Many even shows compelling dual identities and many have awe-inspiring super-powers, but none combine both aspects of a super-person as well as Venom. Venom also counteracts these awesome powers with a staggering amount of conundrums in his alter ego Eddie Brock, and that makes his story very believable. Venom is hands down the most interesting super-person to watch.

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