Vegetarianism Is The Best Diet Essay

Vegetarianism Is The Best Diet Essay

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Imagine puppies, cute innocent puppies all of different breeds and sizes. Now, imagine seventy puppies all cramped together in the same small cage. A worker comes in and beats any puppies that are not fully corporative, this probably seems horrific mostly because it is. The truth is, this happens to pigs every single day in slaughter houses, but it is still considered acceptable to eat as much bacon as humanly possible. This is one reason why eaters convert to vegetarianism, because they feel like treating living things in such a manner is completely unacceptable, no matter if the animal is a pig or a puppy. Another huge reason that eaters convert to vegetarianism is because it holds a bunch of health benefits. However, it can be argued that vegetarians are hypocrites because they claim all lives are important, yet they continue to eat plants. While it is true that it is impossible to eat without consuming living things, vegetarianism is the best diet because it is beneficial to both the health and conscience of the eater.
Typically, when someone thinks of a vegetarian they often imagine a hippy that munches on nothing but carrots and salad. While it’s true that vegetarians eat mostly plants, this is by no means a bad thing. Consuming an abundance of fruits and vegetables are actually very beneficial to one’s diets. In fact, Michael Pollan, a man known for writing about the best possible diets, acknowledges this idea with his famous saying, “Eat. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” Although vegetarianism is not what Pollan is praising necessarily, it still perfectly fits the description that he painted as the perfect diet. It can be argued that vegetarians do not necessarily always eat salads and other health foods, leading ...

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... health because eaters are typically forced to eat nothing but vegetables and fruits because they are unable to consume any sort of meat. They can still eat unhealthy foods, but so can anyone who choosing to eat meat. Although some might say that the way animals are treated in slaughter houses does not affect them it should be remembered that vegetarians avoid dangerous diseases, such as E Coli and Salmonella, that are arise from the b of lack of medical attention in slaughterhouses. Vegetarians are also able to eat without a guilty conscience because they stand up to an industry that abuses animals horribly. It can be argued that there is no reason to make eating a moral event. But it is important to realize what is happening to the animals that people eat and how terribly they are treated simple because the only thing Little Johnny will eat is chicken nuggets.

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