Vegetarianism Is Becoming More Widespread Essay

Vegetarianism Is Becoming More Widespread Essay

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Vegetarianism is becoming more widespread, particularly because of the belief people have that meat can potentially harm the body. The term ‘vegetarianism’ is used to describe people who avoid eating eat or seafood and possibly dairy foods or eggs. According to Nutrition Australia, the term is not well defined and it includes “people with a wide range of attitudes and eating behaviours with respect to foods of animal region” (para. 3). There are a broad range of vegetarians based on how much food is derived of plant origin, from animals and other sources. Thus, there are five types of vegetarians; Semi vegetarian diet excludes red meat and consumes poultry with/or fish, eggs and dairy food. Lacto vegetarian diet avoid meat, poultry, fish and consumes dairy foods. Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet excludes meat, poultry, fish and eats dairy food and eggs. Pescetarians exclude meat, poultry and consume seafood and may or may not eat eggs and dairy food. Lastly, a vegan consumes food of plant origin only. There are more extreme forms of vegetarianism, however the five categories above account for all but a very small minority of vegetarians in Australia whom view eating meat as an objectively bad idea. However, there are strong arguments for consuming meat. The first reason is that meat is a very rich source of protein which assists with the building of muscles and bones. Secondly, humans are designed to consume meat and have been eating it for a long time, which suggests that it is not unhealthy. Often, vegetarians need to take supplements to get the essential vitamins and minerals required. Finally, people can limit the amount of meat consumed without cutting it out of their diet completely, if they believe too much is harmful. Therefore, ...

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...ribute to obesity, type-2 diabetes and cancers, however, the amount of meat consumed can be reduced for health benefits that vegetarian food cannot provide. The Compassion in World Farming (2015) state that “eating less meat, dairy and eggs reduces the environmental impact of animal farming and improves human health” (para. 5). As a result of cutting out meat or every animal food, it would reduce animal suffering and the effect animal production has on the environment. Nevertheless, if people choose to be veggie, they are promoting a healthy sustainable diet, but unfortunately disadvantaging themselves with the sources of good nutrients that animals provide and the impact it has on the farmers. Compassion continues by stating that “they call on people and governments to promote reduced meat consumption and eating only higher welfare meat, e.g. less and better meat”.

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