The Vast Expansion Of The Internet And Its Capabilities Essay

The Vast Expansion Of The Internet And Its Capabilities Essay

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The vast expansion of the internet and its capabilities continues to build the foundations for a society to succeed. Specifically, social media has expanded the capabilities for connection as people at the two ends of the earth can converse by signing into an account on a social platform within the internet. However, the spectrum of potential for this communication is wide as on the positive side people can discuss world issues, create partnerships or create lasting friendships, but on the more prominent negative side, people can suffer with internet addiction leading to depression and loneliness. Though social media is capable of connecting the world and making every living person accessible at a moment’s notice, there is a paradox which is that people suffer despite the opportunities presented.
Social media is very versatile and thus applies to every person who uses the internet. Since social media is ubiquitous it provides users the capability of extending their social circle beyond their neighborhood. Evidence proves that, “60% of those who use an online neighborhood discussion forum know ‘all or most’ of their neighbors” ( Pewdie 10) which correlates to local engagement. This is positive as social networking substitutes for some neighborhood involvement and helps build a strong trusting neighborhood. There are 2.03 billion active social media users globally, which depicts not only the prominence of social media worldwide but also how accessible social media is as 25% of social media users are active (We Are Social). Lacking language and distance barriers, social media has helped bring social issues to light as court rulings and government actions are debated online and brought to the attention of government officials. For ...

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...s the paradox that social media causes connection and results in disconnection is the paradox is that although users recognize he or she is suffering from social media addiction, the user feeds this addiction and is to blame for both the psychological and physical tolls. Users are persistent in spreading information in an effort to feel alive, completely doing the opposite and harming themselves while abusing the privilege of being able to connect with anyone and everyone. The positive side of the social media spectrum continues to have opportunities, however, it is up to users to take advantage. Without change, the negative side of the social media spectrum will continue to cause concerns for not only the present but also the future because technology will continue to develop but the population will not thrive if all that follows with improvement is illness.

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