The Varsity Volleyball Team And How We Interact With Each Other Essay example

The Varsity Volleyball Team And How We Interact With Each Other Essay example

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As I sat there on Saturday morning and watched my team play at the Jonesville dig pink tournament, I noticed many things. I noticed that even though we are a team, we weren 't a team. This was the first time I had looked deep into my team and what I found, was quite sad. There are many reasons why people act the way they do in different situations or just in general. In this paper I will talk about the varsity volleyball team and how we interact with each other throughout the day during a tournament.
I had to sit out of this one because of an injury in my knee, so I got a really good opportunity to observe my team. We had to be at the school at 6:25 that morning, which means that we all had to get up at about 5:50. We were all tired from staying up all night, and nobody was ready to play. I could already tell the morning game was going to start out slow because everyone was silent on the bus and thats not usually how it is. The whole 35 minute ride there, everyone slept. When we got there, the lights turned on in the bus and our coach walked down the isle and woke us up.

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