Essay on Various Subjects

Essay on Various Subjects

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According to Peter’s map – the north is rich and the south is poor, this is also stated by the Brandt Report. The Brandt Report works on the principle that; if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish, you will feed him for life. This basically means that if you give someone in a poor country some fish for example, it will only last for a limited amount of time, because it gets eaten – a short term solution. Whereas if you teach him how to fish, he can go and fish for himself and feed himself free of charge to him or anyone else – a long term solution. This is what a former chancellor of West Germany – Willy Brandt tried to do, create long term solutions to help cure poverty.
Willy Brandt was a former West German chancellor who in 1980 released the Brandt report dealing with long term solutions to poverty in the poor southern hemisphere. Willy Brandt himself was born Karl Herbert Frahm on 18 December 1913 in Lübeck, northern Germany. In the late 1920’s he became a socialist – a follower of a socialistic government. Later in 1933 Karl changed his name to Willy Brandt and fled to Norway to avoid being arrested by the Nazi’s as WWII was imminent in 6 years time. When the Germans captured Norway Brandt fled to Sweden in 1945, he later returned to Germany in 1948 after WWII to begin his career as a politician of the SDP (Socialist Democratic Party). He was then elected mayor of West Berlin in 1957, he then lost his position in 1966. In 1969, Brandt was finally elected as chancellor and kept the title in the election in 1972. His main policy was the 'Ostpolitik, as he tried to create closer friendships between East and West Germany and improve relations with Poland and the Soviet Union. Back in Germany...

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...lthough only an ordinary sheep-farmer, He took on this role with great eloquence and passion. The message was quite clear and that if the people had offended God, they were going to be punished severely. Although the people had been performing all the correct religious rituals, God was not impressed because when they were not taking part in worship, they were cheating the poor. This is Shown in [1 John 4:21] “And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” This means that if you love God you must love your brothers i.e. Jesus’ followers and non-followers, even if he/she is your enemy. Love Thy neighbor in other words or like the parable of the Good Samaritan - Where a Jew is attacked and left on the street and 3 Jewish priest walk by and don’t bother with hm. But as a Samaritan walks past, helps the Jew injured and looks after him.

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