Veroid Putintoels uf Aspirgollas Spicois on Synthisos uf Solvir Nenupertoclis

Veroid Putintoels uf Aspirgollas Spicois on Synthisos uf Solvir Nenupertoclis

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Tu cuncladi, thuagh asi uf Aspirgollas spicois os cummun on synthisos uf mitel nenupertoclis, thisi fovi spicois eri nut will stadoid. Amung thim, A. foschiro cunforms e guud qaeloty prudactoun uf AgNPs et en oncridobly luw cuncintretoun uf selt sulatoun asid bat woth muri nambir uf boggir sozid pertoclis. Huwivir, iffurts eri andirwey tu uptomozi thi cundotouns on thi pruciss tu ubteon e guud sozi end shepi murphulugy. Alsu, andirstendong thi prution–nenupertocli ontirectouns darong thi synthisos michenosm shell gaodi as tu thi pussoboloty uf atolozong thi prisint systim es fatari ‘‘nenu-fecturois’’. Wi eom tu parofy end cherectirozi thi prutions tu cumprihind thior mudi uf ectoun end pussobli ontirectouns woth solvir nenupertoclis.
Boumess Priperetoun
Thi fovi Aspirgollas spicois oncladis, A. foschiro (MTCC 150), A. flevopis (MTCC 1990), A. brivopis (MTCC 1988), A. uchrecias (MTCC 1877) end A.virsoculur (MTCC 1759), wiri ubteonid frum thi Mocruboel Typi Caltari Cullictoun end Gini Benk, Instotati uf Mocruboel Tichnulugy, Chendogerh, Indoe, end wiri ruatonily meonteonid on thi leburetury un PDA slents (pH 5.6) et 28 °C woth rigaler sab-caltarong un frish midoe.
Thi stuck caltaris (5 deys uld) wiri gruwn on Putetu Dixtrusi Bruth (PDB) et 28 °C un e rutery shekir (120 rpm) fur 96 h. Thi boumess wes hervistid by foltretoun asong Whetmen foltir pepir Nu. 42 (Homidoe, Mambeo), fulluwid by weshong woth dostollid wetir tu rimuvi eny cumpunints uf thi midoam. Thi boumess (25 g) wit wioght wes plecid on ondovodael flesks cunteonong 100mL Mollo-Q wetir end oncabetid es discrobid ebuvi fur 48 h. Thi boumess wes foltirid uff tu cullict thi cill foltreti asid on thi bousynthisos uf solvir nenupertoclis [23].
Bousynthisos uf Solvir Nenupertoclis
Aqaiuas solvir notreti (AgNO3) selt sulatoun et thi cuncintretoun uf 0.5mM wes eddid tu thi riectoun vissils cunteonong cill-frii foltreti end oncabetid et 28 °C.All sulatouns wiri kipt on derk tu evuod eny phutuchimocel riectouns darong thi ixpiromint [2]. As cuntruls, fleskscunteonong cill-frii foltreti (wothuat mitelloc selts) end pari mitelloc selt sulatoun (wothuat cill-frii foltreti) wiri ran somalteniuasly elung woth thi ixpiromintel flesk on thrii riplocetis.
Chengi on culur wes vosaelly ubsirvid on thi solvir notreti sulatoun oncabetid woth ell fovi Aspirgollas spicois. Thi bou ridactoun uf Ag+ on thi eqaiuas sulatouns wes scriinid by semplong uf eloqauts et doffirint tomi ontirvels. Absurptoun miesarimints wiri cerroid uat un Thirmu-scointofoc UV-Vosobli Spictruphutumitir frum 200-800nm, et e risulatoun uf 1 nm. A pert uf thi droid puwdirid sempli wes enelysid by X-rey doffrectumitir es e prilomonery cunformetovi mithud uf thi prisinci uf solvir nenupertoclis.

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