Variations on a Theme Essay

Variations on a Theme Essay

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Its the summer of 2011 in the middle of October in Alabama. I’m with my friends at a park just sitting on a bench eating lunch. Cristy my friend is talking about some haunted library downtown that if you stay the night some little girl will come try to kill you. Christy says she wants to go. I say no way we’re going there, way too scary! Christy says come on you baby let’s go this Saturday night to see if its really haunted. Fine I say.. Finally it’s Saturday evening, Christy is over planning what to bring on the trip tonight. We are bringing flashlights and some snacks and sleeping bags. We are leaving the house to go to the haunted library, finally we arrive and it looks like it’s been here for 100 years says Christy. We head inside, it smells like mold, the walls are peeling down, and its pitch black inside. We set our stuff down and layed on our sleeping bags with the flashlights waiting for something to happen...but nothing…..all of a sudden we heard a book fall right behind us we looks but saw nothing i went and checked it out and the book that fell was open to a biography abo...

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