The Variable Rate Income Tax: Flat Tax Essay

The Variable Rate Income Tax: Flat Tax Essay

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Filing income taxes is something all working Americans do, rich or poor; however, the amount paid isn’t what most would expect. Besides the obvious ways of reducing taxable income, such as decreasing the amount of withholdings, reducing increasing deductions, and taking advantage of tax credits, those who are determined to save, generally the upper class, find other ways (Perez). These ways may include investing, putting money into savings, or switching account types. This is what allows the rich to keep getting richer and prevents the poor from getting significantly better.
Taxes are the government’s main source of revenue, with roughly 47% of the tax revenue coming from income tax (Griffith and Schwabish). Because of this high percentage, as well as the strain caused from the extensive filing process, this is an important issue today. If nothing is done about the variable rate income tax, the middle and lower class Americans will continue to pay more than their fair share in taxes and the upper class will continue to pay well below their fair share. This will create a bigger gap between the classes. This is such an important issue to me because I come from a middle class American family that would like to pay less in taxes, and I believe in equality for all. The underlying problem of this issue is that Congress doesn’t vote based on what the majority of its constituents want, but rather what makes the congressmen the most money. They are more concerned with pleasing big business America and the wealthy than taking care of middle and lower class America.
How taxes are imposed is of major importance to all Americans. Reforming the tax code to implement a flat tax is often offered as a solution to tax inequity. The ...

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