Variable of Income Deficits After Having Children Essay

Variable of Income Deficits After Having Children Essay

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At times women in their marriage might have to take some time from their careers to have children, they obviously might have to accept some type of deficits in income relative to what they would have earned had they not had children early or late in their marriage. Throughout this portion of research I will give married couples some advantages and disavantages on whether the deficits in income vary by the age at which married couples have children. Taniguchi (1999) reported that early child bearers are likely to experience a higher wage penalty, possibly because their career interruptions occur during a critical period of career building. In earlier work, Van Velsor and O’Rand (1984) reported that interrupting a career for childbearing brought a smaller wage penalty than starting a career after childbearing, and that the wage penalty for a woman’s career interruption had declined over time. In addition, women who delay childbearing have been more likely to remain in the labor force throughout their working lives (Pienta 1999) However, the wage penalty is still substantial, even for women who delay childbearing (Grindstaff 1996), and the relationship between maternal age and wage penalty may be both nonlinear and conflated with women’s other demographic characteristics. For example, high school dropouts and other women with poor employment prospects (who often have children quite young) experience little or no wage penalty (Anderson, Binder, and Krause 2002; Dex, Joshi, McCulloch, and Macran 1996). Some studies have analyzed income and the timing of childbearing using a different approach; instead of comparing wages of mothers to comparable non-mothers, these studies compare the wage trajectories of women who have children at ...

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...r kids. Add it all up and there's a strong economic case for stopping at one child. (USDA 2011) Back when our parents parents was weighing these same options weather to have children early or late in their marriage they had the different agendas more kid was good thing for more income into the house hold. Things have changed over the years the IRS guidelines made some sound qualifying tax savings benefits of having children, the average married couple can save about $3,000 per year in child tax credits. "These tax credits shouldn't spur you to have a child," says U.S. tax attorney Roni Deutch, "but since the projected cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is just shy of $200,000, parents need all the help they can get." This may be why most married couples wait until later in their marriage to have children. Action

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