The Values Of Learning Outcome Assessment Essay

The Values Of Learning Outcome Assessment Essay

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In this letter, the values of learning outcome assessment will be presented along with an explanation for the position. Furthermore, citations will be provided from experts in the field to further substantiate the points made. Finally, a preview of assessment in respect to the attached learning plan will be presented.
The most pressing question is “Why do assessment at all?”. The reason for doing learning outcomes assessment is because it allows for a clear understanding of what is expected and what an assessor is looking for, curricula can be planned to fit the desired learning outcomes, pedagogy is clarified, and the assessment can be documented and it allows for educators to know where their students need to be and what they need to do to help them arrive there (Oregon State University Student Affairs Assessment Council, 2009). With clearly defined desired outcomes, everything else is able to simply fall into place. This gives educators freedom and gives students consistency as the expectations have already been laid out.
The main reason for proposing assessment in such a mann...

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