Essay about Values Of Greeks And Trojans : A New Analysis

Essay about Values Of Greeks And Trojans : A New Analysis

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Ideals of Greeks and Trojans: A New Analysis

The story of the Iliad portrays a vial battle between the Greeks and Trojans that has been ongoing for over 9 years. The Greeks ultimately win the war, but not without bloody conflict with the Trojans. The Greeks and Trojans each have positive characteristics that help them maintain some of their glory throughout the Iliad and lead to a tense fight between the two sides. Unfortunately, their emotions do get this best of them and hinder their positive traits. The emotional struggle that both sides face throughout the story creates contrasting personalities and a struggle between two main groups which shows clashing ideals in battle. The Greeks and Trojans personalities they differ widely as the Greeks are more strategic, but temperamental, while the Trojans are more noble, but cowardly.
The Greeks possess the ability to be more strategic than the Trojans when fighting during the war. This is a major positive trait for the Greeks as this gives them a large edge in the war over the Trojans. This is seen when Nestor suggests, in Book Seven, that they build a wall and a trench to deter the aggression of the Trojans from their ships. This trench plays a vital role in Book 12 where is causes the Trojans to waste time destroying the wall and provides an opportune moment for the Achaeans to launch a ranged attack:
“They tore at the towers’ outworks, pulled at the battlements,
heaving, trying to pry loose with levers the buttress stakes
Achaeans first drove in the earth to shore the rampart up-
they struggled to root these out, hoping to break down
the Achaean wall itself. But not yet did the Argives
give way to assault-no, they stopped the breaches up
with oxhide shields and down from the bre...

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...his emotions. Throughout the Trojan army, moments of cowardliness take over the Trojans when they are going to engage in a fight. This highlights how the Trojans, while noble, may lose that nobility in battle as their emotion of fear overtakes them.
The Greeks and Trojans highlight contrasting personalities with both expressing certain likeable and unlikable characteristics. This may be a deliberate choice by Homer to create tension during the story. The two binaries of the Greeks, strategic and temperamental, create moments of tension when the Greeks lose a lapse of judgement because they are being temperamental. This binary occurs within the Trojans as well when their moments of nobility are overshadowed by their will to flee battle. The two sides are stiffened by their emotions which get the best of them; the Greeks are temperamental while the Trojans are cowards.

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