Essay about Values For Gender Roles And Cross Sex Relations

Essay about Values For Gender Roles And Cross Sex Relations

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Values for Gender Role and Cross-Sex Relations
In this study, researchers wanted to examine values for gender roles and cross-sex relations between teenagers growing up in a Mexican Maya community in two different pathways to adulthood; one with and one without a high school education. 80 adolescents’ males and females, half of them were enrolled in high school, were interviewed in two ways; socio-demographic background questions and also they were given two vignettes to obtain their opinion on how they portray changes in gender roles in their community (Manago, 2009). Findings in this study revealed that adolescents who were not attending high school had the tendency of giving priority to family mediation in cross-sex relations. However, teenagers that were enrolled in high school were more likely to give more importance to chosen gender roles and pay more attention to their self-fulfillment in cross-sex relations (Mernissi, 1987).
This study took place in Zinacantan High School in 2009. By that time there was 114 students enrolled in this high school (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia, 2005). In order to participate in the study, former high school students were asked to bring with them a same-sex relative who was also an adolescent but discontinued school. The final sample was conducted on 20 girls and 20 boys enrolled in Zinacantan High School and a total of 20 boys and 20 girls who not continued studying after elementary school. The participants were all of Mexican origin and the average age was from 16 to 17 years old regardless of students’ gender. Participants were given two vignettes involving gender and male-female relations to find perceptions of changes that were happening in the community. As a reward, th...

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...nt opinions of change in gender roles because their knowledge is different. For instance, girls are experiencing new opportunities to follow their dreams outside of the home. However, boys are losing opportunities to increase intimacy with girls and to keep their paternal values as it is to be the provider and leader of the family. These differences emphasize the importance of the positive and negative changes in gender roles.

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Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

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