Values Are Important For The Creation, Development, And Sustainability Of A Life Worthy Of Human Dignity

Values Are Important For The Creation, Development, And Sustainability Of A Life Worthy Of Human Dignity

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Values are important for the creation, development, and sustainability of a life worthy of human dignity (Ergen, 2015, p 162). Values are the key to keep people motivated in life. People live by their specific values because it is important in their life. Qualities are the things that people consider vital in the way they live and it helps them decide their priorities in life. Values are the assets of the universal nature that keep individuals together. They can also help guide others in the right direction, like when people need help making the right decision on certain things.
A world without values, keeps us blind from the essential things in life. Caring, honesty, love, and respect are all essential things in life. Values keep you motivated to work towards your goals in society.
The first value I identify with in my life is caring. This quality is important because it allows you to give someone else a helping hand when they are in need. Caring helps by building up others that are in need. It shows that there are still good people in the world. When we set aside our own selfishness, we allow ourselves to see more opportunities to help the people or the community. This value is the most important value in my life because it makes me happy when a person appreciates that I care for them. When people do not feel as cared for, I try to be the one that they can come to make them feel better. Another reason why caring is an important value is because sometimes I feel as if no one cares about me, so I do not want anyone to feel the void that no one cares about them.
Another value I identify with is honesty, which is similar to trust and integrity. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something; ...

... middle of paper ... to be for the owner, but the veterinarian is doing what is necessary for their job. More core values for veterinarians are responsibility, knowledge, respect, trust and dedication. It is the veterinarian 's job to make the animals feel safe and secure. The animals deserve to feel loved in the environment they are being placed in for the temporary time that they are there. Veterinarians need to have a human animal bond to show how important the owner’s animals are to them.
Staying true to values is important to help people grow better. Values guide others in the right direction and they keep people satisfied. Without values in the world, there would be no respect and people would not care about others. Caring is an important value to have to go into veterinary medicine. People have to care about the animals they are working with and give the animals compassion.

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