Values And Ethics Of The World Essay

Values And Ethics Of The World Essay

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This world is filled with many different cultures, religious beliefs, and we all are raised in different types of social classes. The fact is that we are all not the same we are completely different, especially in the way we believe what is morally and ethically right. While some of our views are different amongst the world, the bottom line is that we all hold values to construct the beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. According to Rosenstand (2012), “having values implies that we have a conception of what society should be, what we consider good, a safety net for when things go wrong and incorporates an overseer that punishes bad behavior while rewarding good behavior”(p. 4). Both values and ethics are embedded into us, from the beginning, no matter where we were brought up in this world. Although we all hold values to our hearts, we see things different among the types of ethical backgrounds that this world has to offer. This is just one belief that I have been raised on; my parents has always emphasized the importance of others values and beliefs even if you don’t understand the significance behind them or where they are coming from in the beginning.
Growing up, moral values were embedded to me with the aid of my cultural surroundings and how my parents raised me. One of the most important values that still hold true to me is the act of protecting family members. As a young child, I was brought up in the lower-middle-class lifestyle, practically barely touching the breaking point between lower-class and middle-class. The family is all we had to keep us loving life and making us live our lives to the fullest. Without my family, I do not know where I would have ended up today. My parents did everything that they could to...

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...ting to walk and learning the ABC’s, at least all the way up to E. I do not know where this intelligence is coming from, but keep up the amazing work. When you feel bored with learning, do not give up; simply try to challenge yourself with something else. Whatever you guys decide to do in life I will always be proud with the both of you. Just remember family is the most important thing in life and treat others the way that you want to be treated, never look down on someone because no one knows exactly what that person has been through. The reasons for their actions might be the only thing that they know how to handle their situation, do what is right and act as if your being watch, this will lead to doing the right thing at all times. I’m going to miss you all and remember even though I am not physically with you I will always be with you emotionally and spiritually.

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