The Values And Core Values Of The Profession Of Nursing

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Although the profession of nursing has certainly evolved throughout its illustrious history, the basic ideals and core values of the profession have not. Indeed this idea is also reflected in societal views of nurses. According to the annual Gallup poll ranking honesty and ethics in various professions, nursing ranks the highest amongst any field; beating out other professions by double digits when it comes to trustworthiness (Gallup 2015). Where does this societal view of trustworthiness come from? This is due mainly to the work ethic and values that nurses employ on a daily basis in their jobs. Nurses have been known historically as patient advocates in the utmost regard. Nurses consistently look out for the best interest of the patient. Nurses are the healthcare professionals that have the greatest presence and influence in the healing of a patient, therefore not only making them a reliable healthcare professional, but also an extension of the patient themselves. In essence, the reason why nursing is such a trustworthy field is because of the value which nurses place on their patient’s feelings and opinions about their care. The nurse should be one who actively cares for and advocates for their patient’s well-being. The nurse should be benevolent to all of their patients. This foundation of values which are still in practice today is what makes the backbone of nursing practice as we know it. The idea of patient advocacy can be traced back to the earliest days of nursing. Historically nurses have been known to be the main caretaker for patients. This development is a result of many facets, but most notably on the battlefield in wars past. It was the battlefield where nurses found their purpose in advocating for their patients... ... middle of paper ... ... patient healthcare would not have evolved to what it has today. Nursing is the profession which brought forth that change to consider patients feelings, well-being, spiritual and mental health. Nursing and healthcare are a science, but sometimes we forget that it is too a human science that sometimes cannot be measured in concrete numbers or terms. Rather it is the idea that a patient is a person and their rights and values must be held in the highest regard: “Every individual is a unique, holistic being who has dignity and worth. Central to the uniqueness of each individual is the freedom of choice and accountability for choices made” (UCO 2014). Healthcare knowledge and practice are important to nursing, but above anything else, the nurse must practice all of these qualities; because without these values and core concept nursing would not be an effective practice.
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