The Value of Workplace Diversity

The Value of Workplace Diversity

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Workplace diversity is one of the most key elements that any business and corporation must have and utilize. The numerous types of workplace diversity are what make us function so well both as a society and as effective businesses. The purpose to having a diverse workplace is to expand the knowledge and experience of all that are within that company. These diversity aspects are what make a successful and highly functioning work environment. Diverse workplace is critical because it embodies a compilation of all human ideas, cultures and backgrounds put into an inventive and forward thinking group of individuals. Managing individuals are looking for an A-team group type atmosphere that will be highly functioning with inventive ideas and able to apply all sorts of ideals garnered from there co-workers because of the diversity.

The concept of workplace diversity simply put is what essentially makes us human yet different. Griffin and Morehead state that it is in a sense a compilation of various factors such as sex, age, race, religion, beliefs and cultural background along with significant others. You might say that yes everyone is different and they contribute something but it is this individuality that makes them so unique in the workplace while also being so effective in incorporating ideas. As managers it is very important to be receptive of new ways of thinking especially when it comes to innovative yet different ideas.

There are many degrees and variations to workplace diversity that span the range of differences people can have. Lets focus on how Motherhood or Fatherhood adds diversity, you may not think being a parent adds diversity but it does. Example: When you become a parent your focus and goals for life go through a series of changes and transformation, as does your thought process. In turn your change is reflected in the work that you output down to the ideas and thoughts that go into project suggestions or your daily tasks and functions. Described in detail the British Journal of Management that discusses the effects of being parents in the workplace. Examples and changes can be seen in many instances and situations but take a set of parents who work for a tabacco company, the parents are smokers and the grandparents are smokers however lately the new parents are not so enthusiastic about their jobs. This is because they have gone through a change that’s part of the diversity process.

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Both Parents although were past smokers the changes in thought, family life and future goals are what has promoted them to have less desire to both participate more avidly in the workplace and to smoke. This is how companies take into consideration all that is happening in their various lives. Not only is their cultural diversity present there is also emotional and characteristic diversity. Which over time and due to reactions of others diversity is what changes or morphs our own diversity (Griffin and Morehead).

Workplace diversity is so critical and essential in that it allows for growth and development within many areas when it comes to expansion of companies online or overseas. If you have individuals who are able to represent those various cultures your are expanding both the company and business opportunities. By doing so you also put company trust in these individuals because they are adding an important aspect and enrichment to the company. Bringing cultural diversity in that they speak the language or are familiar with customs. Not only does this diversity add something it gives something as well, if you as a manager are better utilizing your diverse staff you tend to make better decisions but on the whole when you have foreign staff and your company is looking to add branches in there area they become an asset because they have insider knowledge as well speak the language and can better interpret the differences in speech and culture breaking down those work boundaries even more.

Workplace diversity has become such a need and remained effective that in many instances diversity has become one of the key components in making teams for projects and assignments (Public Relations). Staff diversification also gives staff themselves an opportunity to grow out of their zone. Consider that companies who are more diversified effectively open doors that allow for unique learning and experience opportunities

As a developing workforce it is up to us as staff, managers and supervisors to both value and incorporate workplace diversity. There are numerous ways in which we create prejudice and stereotypes unnecessarily especially when lack of embraced diversity show those entering the workplace that they must assimilate. By presenting this type of influence it often presents a negative or counter productive working atmosphere. Essentially we are saying to the workforce that it must conform to present and active working styles of diversity, which is not true workplace diversity.

Irving Kovarsky explains this in-depth and essentially shows how the workplace has continuously moderated and downsized its diversity potential. Limiting who can participate in training’s and apprenticeships because of general percentages instead of opting towards hiring individuals who show potential versus not hiring them because of statistical percentages that stereotype a group that is a minority within that company. Kovarsky goes in-depth about the various statistics in which people are employed. He considers individuals living conditions whether or not the particular group in this bases Negroes as well as where they are located, along with the amount of scholarly opportunities and education they received. There are so many considerations that he applies in which people are essentially band from the workforce its incredible the lack of opportunities that people receive because of the lack of diversification that employers emulate in there workplaces. Kovarsky also notes that because of this lack of diversification that we actually limit our workforce with inadequate numbers and by doing so allow for an ever increasing expansion of workforce need because of the way that a group of individuals have been essentially cut from the workforce it has created a need that must be met but because of the lack of diversity that the workforce has shown in past years it has created a continuos cycle.

The various studies have shown that workplace diversity is key not only to a successful business or corporation but also to the workforce as a whole. By removing people from opportunities in the workforce we create a gap in the demand for workers. This then creates a frustrating cycle in which there is a workforce need that is not met. By doing this diversity in which businesses and corporations should rely on is not met. It is important to have as diverse a workforce as possible in that it prevents many stereotypical issues and frustrations that can arise from having a singular workforce that employs only certain types of persons. It is exciting to think that as the workplace diversifies it is what makes society more complete. In the retrospect but not diversify we are creating various types of problems both internally and externally that will eventually reflect poorly on the workforce.

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