Essay about The Value of Living and Surviving

Essay about The Value of Living and Surviving

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between living and surviving is? I certainly have. Human life is a fragile thing that most of us take for granted. In North America life is significantly more illustrious and enjoyable. Living is quite different from surviving, as I have taken years to discover. Living is being able to feel the world around us, being able to connect with people and not have to cower in fear. Just because we have breath in our bodies and blood pumping through our veins, does not guarantee you are living. In most of our lives we have young kids who are not quite sure how to work themselves into the grand scheme of agony we call life. The folks who are more elderly hold knowledge of things that have passed and can tell us how to make up for our extremely human errors. Our neighbours are not just the people who live next to us; in fact they are the people all around us and the trials they have faced change how they view life. Life, it is a valuable and precious thing, but it’s learning how to live that takes time accomplish. Surviving is usually a natural human skill that we recieved at birth. Surviving may mean having another day to see a sunrise but living to cry out in joy as the sun lazily rolls into the sky is just as staggering. Children have the ability to do either, they can see the wonder in almost anything.

Children are never sure where they fit into the world unless we give them the assurance that they will find out. When a child is living you can see the light in their eyes as they look with everything the world has to offer with wonder. When they survive but love is miniscule and hard to come by in their lives, their eyes loose their gleam and while they see the world they do not notice the wond...

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...ven something to live for, having a joyful spirit can conquer many trials and surviving helps them to live on. The elderly in our world hold many secrets of life and we must show them that we care so they can continue to share the errors of human ways and as they survive we can hope they stay with us. Our neighbours have evidently faced many problematic ordeals and we need to love them as Christ loved us so the spark in their eyes from hearing about love will fill their whole lives. We must keep them surviving so Jesus can have a chance to override their lives. Living is a joy as it fills our lives and souls but sometimes we are just hanging onto our lives in this world, coasting along without thought. If you can figure out the difference of living and surviving, it will transform your life. Are you living, or are you just a survivor of the tragic place we populate?

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