Value Of Life : My Life Essay

Value Of Life : My Life Essay

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Value of Life
What is value of life? Is it be able to do what you love? Or perhaps the freedom of been able to be who you want to be? No one knows exactly the value of life but many have some theories behind the meaning of life. There’s many ways we as humans value life like; enjoying the tiniest thing in this world, celebrate when a new life is conceived or maybe just be with your love ones. As life is growing and bringing joy sometimes it can be complicated and painful.
As the future generation, we have new advances on how this world will work, new technology, new ideas, new inventions are created everyday, but us, human, we forget what we should value more: life. This generation 's forgets what being alive means, what the meaning of just having a good laugh means. Yes, life is complicated -who say it wasn 't- whether debating whether that person lives or dies or how much it worth it, it just something as human, it can be a complicated decision, but it something we can 't stop.
In the article “What is a Life Worth” by Feinberg speech, based on how the government compensate families of 9/11. He explains the statistics behind the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and how it was used. During his speech he quote on how many families of the victims were giving money as a compensation of the attacks of 9/11 but what got my attention on how only 9 out 94, families did not sue or fund because “they were paralyzed from grief.” This quote develops a deep thought on how only 9 families did nothing, 9 families still couldn 't accept their love ones are gone. This gives the reader a feeling of sadness of how people can still accept money from the government from the lives of their deceased love ones yet other still...

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... like i do or even have freedom like do.
This important because, we all have a life, wether your a students, a teacher, a doctor, we should all value each other and life equal. Our society of today doesn 't see what they have until they lose it. Thanks to the new technology, many people lose interest on just having a normal conversation or going to the park to play. When cruising down the road feeling the cool air and enjoying on how the sky can paint beautiful colors, we should value it, nor the technology will ever give you this experience again. Yes, we do have challenges in our paths of our lives but that 's what make life interesting, if we have the same thing life would be just a boring thing.We value life everyday, by doing something everyday because we only have one life and we should enjoy it, just like Jobs said “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

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