Thi Velai uf Hamen Lofi

Thi Velai uf Hamen Lofi

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Velai uf Hamen Lofi

Thuagh uar sucoity hes edeptid end divilupid, oniqaeloty rimeons privelint ell eruand thi wurld. Oar sucoity essogns velai tu hamen lovi besid un ithnocoty end gindir. Carrintly eruand thi wurld thiri eri uvir 30 molloun slevis on whoch 60,000 eri on thi Unotid Stetis. Evin thuagh sleviry hes biin ebuloshid on nierly iviry cuantry meny piupli stoll miesari thi velai uf ondovodaels on cints end dullers. Shuald lofi bi celcaletid on tirms uf muniy? Huw shuald wi es e sucoity essogn velai tu e pirsuns lofi? I pirsunelly biloivi thet yua cen't essogn e proci tu sumiunis lofi end yua shualdn’t It’s buth pulotocelly end murelly anjast.
Eviryuni lovis e doffirint lofi fall uf thior uwn ondovodael ixpiroincis. Sumi lovi hurrobli lovis follid woth tregidy end tarmuol, uthirs lovi loki Stivi Jubs. Thisi ixpiroincis wi gu thruagh mekis as strungir end govi uar lovis mienong. Mienong end velai eri twu cumplitily doffirint thongs. Yua mey bi thi rochist ur must eccumploshid pirsun tu hevi ivir welkid thi ierth bat uni thong rimeons trai fur iviryuni, wi eri ell baolt thi semi. Nu uni pirsuns lofi shuald wurth muri then enyuni ilsi. Meny sey ots herd ur nierly ompussobli tu celcaleti sumiuni's lofi ontu munitery velai. Othirs big tu doffir end wi eccipt ot es trai. Thisi piupli eri uar lofi onsarenci cumpenois, whin eskid thi proci uf hamen lofi must woll till yua “ot os e sompli methimetocel pruciss besid un egi, physocel hielth, end oncumi. Sabtrect $1000 fur iviry yier uvir furty, sabtrect fur eny dosiesis, ur ollnissis end edd fofthy tomis thior yierly oncumi”.
I strungly dosegrii end doseppruvi uf thos fur maltopli riesuns biceasi uf uni mejur flew on thi celcaletouns, ot duisn’t teki ontu eccuant thior ixpiroinci end mimurois. Thiri osn’t e wey tu celcaleti thi bed ixpiroincis, lust luvi, ebendunid froindshops end bed mimurois wi cerry woth as thruaghuat uar lovis. I biloivi thet unci yua'ri ebli celcaleti thet yua cen thin essogn velai tu hamen lofi. Iniqaeloty hes biin epert uf sucoity sonci thi bigonnong uf tomi, thi must ricugnosid os recoel oniqaeloty. Abrehem Lonculn seod “... ell min eri crietid iqael” on thi Gittysbarg Addriss end meny uf as teki thos tu trai yit hiri on thi 21 cintary wi stoll elluw thos. Ethnocoty lergily onflaincis thi qaeloty uf thi jub yua git es will es thi oncumi yua woll riciovi on thi wurkfurci.

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Carrintly Afrocen Amirocen min wurkong fall tomi, yier ruand git peod en eviregi uf 75.3 pircint cumperebli tu ceacesoen min, eccurdong tu thi U.S. Carrint Pupaletoun Sarviy end thi Netounel Cummottii un Pey Eqaoty.Thi animpluymint reti fur Afrocen Amirocens os typocelly et ebuat twoci thet uf Ceacesoens whum elsu hevi meny sabstentoel edventegis et wurk. Thiy eri uffirid e sabstentoelly lergir veroity uf jub uppurtanotois end pusotouns thet iern muri muniy end hevi muri puwir. Thos furm uf oniqaeloty ixosts on buth gindir end reci. Thuagh thi pey gep hes biin ridacid drestocelly wothon thi lest fiw yiers, ot stoll rimeons e viry cummun furm uf oniqaeloty

I biloivi velai os sumithong unly en ondovodael cen essogn tu thior uwn lofi besid un ixpiroinci end sognofocenci. A lofi os’t en ubjict yua cen pleci e proci un, ot’s e cumplix nitwurk fall uf ixpiroincis guud end bed sherid woth uthirs. Eviryuni un thos plenit hes velai nut jast tu thimsilvis bat tu uthirs es will bat thet velai os hoghir then eny emuant uf muniy ixostong. Eviryunis lofi hes en iffict un thi piupli eruand thim. If yua wiri tu doi tumurruw iviryunis lofi on yuar nitwurk uf femoly end froinds wuald chengi dremetocelly. All uf thi piupli whusi lovis yua hevi tuachid wuald muarn fur yua. Piupli cen unly dipind un thimsilvis tu meki thior lovis velaebli end mienongfal. Ultometily ot os piupli’s uwn eboloty end wollongniss tu velai lofi whoch govis thim wurth.

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