Essay on The Value Of A University Degree

Essay on The Value Of A University Degree

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As a result of the popularization of the tertiary education, a considerable number of people have the opportunities to go to the universities and attend lectures. However, companies in nowadays change their methods of recruitment. They take more items into consideration rather than paying too much attention to the university degree.Therefore, more and more people begin to discuss the value of a university degree.Some of them believe that without a university degree, they can also get a job, while others hold the view that a university degree is of great importance. The value of a university degree can be broken into three main categories:career,competitiveness and representative.
To start with, a university degree is of significance to one’s future career. Firstly, a university degree is the basic requirement of a job.Although a significant number of companies have plenty of standards to recruit their employees, a university degree is still the basic requirement. Without a university degree, employee may even can not get a chance of interview because the resume is likely to be filtered directly. Thus, people cannot be blind at the importance of a university degree to a job. Secondly, a university degree is the main determinant of the future working field. For instance, one gets a software engineering degree after graduation.Then one’s prior choice is software programming, database establishment and other fields which are related to the computer science. Or one wants to continue one’s further education, one will choose the field of further education based on the university degree. And one who is willing to devote oneself into scientific research, the field that one pays full attention to must in accordance with the university d...

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...roommates and classmates, unforgettable lovers and kind professors. The university degree is the representative of the end of university life, referring that one has to farewell with the familiar surroundings including people,atmosphere and even the environment.
To sum up,a university degree plays a significant role in one’s life. Even though most of young people have a university degree,it is still valuable because it is the determinant of the future career in various aspects namely from the standards of employees and the working fields. Moreover a university degree can improve the competitiveness in terms of mastery of knowledge and decent behaviors. Furthermore, it is not only a recognition but also a meaningful symbol. Meanwhile, it also stands for the precious memory of youth and the end of marvelous campus life. Thus,the value of a university is immeasurable.

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