Validity And Reliability Of The Classroom Assessment Essay examples

Validity And Reliability Of The Classroom Assessment Essay examples

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Validity and Reliability
Large- scaled, published, standardized testing encompass highly- technical and statistically sophisticated standards that are measured by validity and reliability (McMillan, 2013, p. 58). When thinking about validity and reliability in classroom assessment, there are four questions to consider: Why am I doing this assessment?, What techniques should I use to gather information?, How will I interpret the results (standards/ criteria being used)?, and How will I use the results? (McMillian, 2013, p.15).
Validity refers to the appropriateness of inferences, uses and consequences that result from an assessment. In a teacher made assessment, validity is connected to the students in which the test is being created for. It is important to consider, is this assessment meaningful in obtaining the information you wish to obtain from your students?
Reliability refers to the consistency, stability, and dependability of the test scores and the decisions made based on the test scores. Reliability can be determined if an assessment were to be given to the same subject twice, the test scores wouldn’t vary much and the subject would yield the same results. One way teachers can test the reliability of their teacher created assessment is to administer another assessment on the same skills a few days later. If the scores from the two assessments were within 1 to 2 points from each other, then it would be considered reliable.

Summative and Formative Assessments

There are three major types of classroom assessments: pre-assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment. Pre-assessment is given prior to instruction to establish the students’ prior knowledge, their attitudes, and interest in the particular topic be...

... middle of paper ... so worried about their evaluations (because they tend to be harsh and tied to pay) they stop thinking about their students, fully understanding all of the standards and feeling confident in making teacher created assessments. In addition, our district provides planning guides to all to teacher for each grade level. Teachers tend to see these guides as their lesson plans. The guides are outlines that are created for over 100+ elementary schools. Differentiation, actual students and assessment are not addressed in these guides. Since these guides came out, teacher’s expertise, judgement and knowledge appeared to no longer be needed. I am not sure I know the right answer, however I do work with my teachers on being empowered decision makers when it comes to their students. As I believe, I am trying to work myself out of job by building strong knowledgeable teachers.

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