The Valiant Moor Othello's Downfall Essay

The Valiant Moor Othello's Downfall Essay

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The term of address 'valiant Moor' is used by the senator and conveys the idea that Othello is the protector and saviour of Venice. Othello is a black man of a very high status and can be see as valuable and indispensible to the state, as he is needed to fight in the war.
The fronted conjunction 'But' shows that Othello unfortunately, has a fatal flaw of being very open with those he thinks he can trust on face value alone/ Othello's devotion and love to Desdemona in Act 1 could lead him to becoming jealous very easily of his wife. Historically, Venetian women were considered loose and so it is easier for Iago to sow the seeds of doubt in Othello's mind. In addition to Othello's flaws, he has complete trust in Desdemona this can be seen with the use of the emotive possessive pronoun 'My' where Othello see's Desdemona as his possession now they are married and has faith in her even though he has been warned by Brabantio that Desdemona is a deceiver so she could just as well do the same towards Othello 'She has deceived her farther and may thee'. Venetian women where seen to be sexua...

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