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Valerie Martin’s Novel Property is an engrossing story of the wife of a slave owner and a slave, whom a mistress of the slave owner, during the late 18th century in New Orleans. Martin guides you through both, Manon Guadet and her servant Sarah’s lives, as Ms. Gaudet unhappily lives married on a plantation and Sarah unhappily lives on the plantation. Ms. Gaudet’s misserableness is derived from the misfortune of being married to a man that she despises and does not love. Sarah, the slave, is solely unhappy due to the fact that she is a slave, and has unwillingly conceived to children by Ms. Gaudiest husband, which rightfully makes Sarah a mistress. Throughout the book, Martin captivates the reader and enables you to place yourself in the characters shoes and it is almost as you can relate to how the characters are feeling.
Throughout the novel, Martin enables her readers to feel some kind of sympathy for both Manon and Sarah, and even at some point in the novel, you even feel quit sympathetic for Manon’s husband. Quit frequently, Manon’s mother questions her on why she will not conceive her husbands baby, both her mother and husband believe that she should seek medical help, but the doctor tells her that she is in great health and is able to conceive but the point is Manon does not want to. She sees it that she’s already not happy with this man why should she have children with him that would only make her closer to him than she already is. Sarah, the slave and mistress, had two of the slave owner’s children. Walter, an 8- year old out of control, deaf boy and Nell, a 6 month old baby girl. Manon despises of both children and Sarah. There is nothing more that Manon wants other than a loving, and faithful husband and to not live mi...

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...ess her husband just so happens to die. Her husband has spent most of his nights with the couple’s personal servant, Sarah, who has conceived the children of this man. Ms. Gaudet also dislikes the children solely for the fact that they remind her much of her husband. Manon is soon granted her freedom when her husband is murdered by African- American rebels.

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