Essay on Valerie Is There for Her Aunt

Essay on Valerie Is There for Her Aunt

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Valarie wanted to help her Aunt so much and be the child that she was crying for.
She had often thought about finding Aunt Celia, it was something that lingered in her thoughts. Sometimes it was at the forefront, other times it drifted to the back, but it never left her.

Valarie had not had contact with her family for so long that the thought of meeting them left her feeling cold. It was a hard thing to do, but in her mind it was the only thing to do. She smiled when she thought about her cousin Dee. She is full of such life and always getting into mischief. Dee was the only one that she knew she would feel comfortable with. The thought of contacting Dee required so much energy that she never got round to doing it.
It was to her surprise when she got a phone call from Dee, telling her that grandpa had died. Dee was the same old Dee and had not changed a bit.
‘Grandpa Dead!’ Oh no said Valarie. She felt bad that she had not got in touch and even worse when she found out that her grandmother had died two years before. ‘But Dee, why didn’t you tell me?’ ‘I was away; you know what I mean when I say away’. ‘I know’, said Valarie.
‘When I got out I was not myself and grandpa really helped me a lot. But I let him down so much, I just could not stop messing up, but I am clean now.
‘I am just sorry that he did not live long enough to see me clean.’

Valarie loved her grandparents they had been good and kind, the only thing she could not understand was why they had not stopped Leah and Pete from doing what they did, she just could not understand.
Valarie knew that she had to go to her grandfather’s funeral, but did not want to face her parents. She had not seen them since that day she laid in the hospital ...

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... ‘I had always wished that I was her daughter, I wished I could have given her what she wanted.’ Dee she lost her mind and all that children talk was in her mind.’ ‘I really don’t know how to say this Valarie, but Aunt Celia had two children.’
‘What?’ Shouted Valarie, ‘are you sure and how come I don’t know about this. ‘Who are they and where are they?’ ‘This is hard and I don’t know if this is a good idea’ ‘What are you talking about Dee?’ Just keep on talking.’
‘Well, there was a long pause; Valarie looked Dee straight in her eyes. She could see the anguish on Valarie’s face. ‘Listen.’ said Dee, everyone has left and we need to leave too.’ ‘We will when you have finished talking.’ ‘I knew this was a bad idea.’ Dee sighed as her shaking head dropped low. ‘You need to keep on talking, come on Dee, said Valarie. Dee looked at her. ‘I don’t know if you can take it.’

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