Vaclav Havel´s Fight Against the Communist Regime Essay

Vaclav Havel´s Fight Against the Communist Regime Essay

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Soon after World War II the Soviet Union had created a red iron curtain around Eastern Europe, communist regimes could be seen throughout with countries like Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. These regimes where severely oppressive and violated basic human rights, hence a growing opposition was beginning to form. From the mid-1970’s Vaclav Havel, a former playwright would become the most prominent Czechoslovakian “dissident” and campaigner against the abuses of the Communist Regime by actively defending the rock group Plastic People of the Universe, being one of the three public spokespeople for Charter 77 and by writing various essays critiquing the communist regime. No essay has had more influence and been instrumental in “dissident” movements in Eastern Europe than the essay “The Power of the Powerless”. Within this essay and others that Havel wrote throughout the 1970s and 80s Havel describes the Communist system, critiques it and explains his strategy for overcoming the regime.
One of the first things Havel tries to accomplish in the essay “ The Power of the Powerless” is to distinguish the communist regime from a classical dictatorship. Unlike classical dictatorships, which are local and lack historical roots the communist system is spread over a whole bloc under the rule of the Soviet Union and has lots of historical roots specifically the proletarian and socialist movements of the 19th century. Another main difference is that the communist system commands a flexible ideology, in essence the regime behaved like a “secularized religion”. “Of course, one pays dearly for this low-rent home: the price is abdication of ones own reason, conscience, and responsibility, for an essential aspect of this ideology is the...

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...ween workers and intellectuals but between Czechs and Slovaks in opposition to Husak.” The citizens united against the regime for a better life and where victorious all with out bloodshed.
In the 1970’s and 80’s Vaclav Havel was one of the most influential thinkers in Eastern Europe and one of the most prominent campaigner against the communist regime. His major critique of the regime was that it was oppressive, denying basic human freedoms such as speech. He also critiqued the people within the system, those who “lived within the lie” who conformed to the system implemented by the regime. His strategy was to “live within the truth” acknowledge that your freedoms have been taken and that basic human life is not being allowed to exist within this regime. As we saw the people eventually got tired of being tired and unified in order to overcome the regime by 1989.

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