Vaccines : Vaccines Save Lives ! Essay

Vaccines : Vaccines Save Lives ! Essay

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Vaccines save Lives!
Nothing is more heartbreaking than a young life that has been taken by the infection of a killer disease. It’s painful to know that a child will never get to live to see their full potential. Diseases kill children every year, and most of the more deadly diseases can be prevented. Children are much more vulnerable to disease because of their weak immune systems. They are weak because they have not lived long enough to build immunities for such infections. So how would children protect themselves from these deadly diseases? Simple, getting parents to vaccinate their children.
In the U.S. about 87 percent of children receive vaccinations according to the schedule that the CDC has deemed acceptable. This statistic is not high enough, as all kids should receive vaccinations whether or not parents approve of it. The reason being is because of herd immunity. Without herd immunity not everyone is protected. But parents are unfortunately misinformed about vaccinations and think that the side effects, along with ingredients, and lastly their freedom should not make the decision of whether to vaccinate or not. We need to solve this issue and make parents fully realize that all these things are not dangerous but rather create a protection barrier from diseases that could kill. We need to inform parents about why vaccinations should be administered according to the schedule the CDC has put together to keep us healthy.
The start why vaccines should not be administered was because of Andrew Wakefield. He posted a study that he conducted in the Lancet in 1998, stating that upon a study he conducted, children will most likely get autism if they received vaccines, but more specifically the MMR vaccine. This created parents...

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...rents against getting their kids vaccinated for many reasons, there are too many studies that show why vaccines are important. But vaccines only work if they are done according to the schedule and completed on time. All parents can view this schedule on the CDC website, which also gives information regarding vaccines. The study posted by Andrew Wakefield, the ingredients, and the side-effects should not deter parents against vaccinating their children. With this in mind it is important for parents to do their own research and make sure to ask questions when talking to their child’s doctor. But the government has made a reasonable schedule to protect not only our children who are the future, but to those that may not be able to get vaccinated. Vaccines are a lifesaver, they have put many diseases to rest and prevents them from ever coming back and causing an outbreak.

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