Essay about Vaccines : The Life Saving Benefits Of An Ancient Process

Essay about Vaccines : The Life Saving Benefits Of An Ancient Process

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Macie Moore
Mrs. Newton
AP Language Period 7
November 11, 2015

Vaccines: The Life Saving Benefits of an Ancient Process
Originally performed by the Chinese in 1000, the process of inserting a virus into someone to prevent further illness, known as inoculation, has proven effective for thousands of years and its benefits continue to be seen today through vaccination (History of Vaccines). Recently, however, many have begun to question the seemingly miraculous effects of immunization, causing a heated debate between skeptics and supporters. Granted, some vaccines may cause minor side effects similar to that of a cold, it is clear that their overall success in ending deadly illnesses far outweighs a runny nose or slight fever. Everyone should be vaccinated because of the dramatic success immunization has had over the years, the dangerous effects of vaccine preventable diseases and the financial benefits that come with staying immune.
While some continue to doubt the power of the vaccine, countless studies have testified to its growing effectiveness as shown by the practical elimination of illnesses that wiped out thousands just decades ago. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the number of reported Rubella cases in the United States has dropped from approximately 47,745 cases per year in the 20th century, to just five cases in 2010 thanks to vaccines (American Academy 2). This drastic decrease in Rubella shows how quickly and efficiently vaccination can work it’s magic. Polio also demonstrated staggering statistics with the number of cases falling from around 16,000 to zero between 2010 and 1900 (American Academy 2). This extinction of a once paralyzing illness is another example of how well inoculation has wor...

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... of $1.38 trillion in “societal costs,” including money saved by preventing lost productivity due to disability and early death” (ProCon 1). This massive amount of money saved can be used to fund research for those illnesses that have not yet become preventable through immunization.
The amazing success vaccines have had in preventing illness, the dangerous risks of not using them, and the financial benefits of vaccinating are just a few things that make vaccination an obvious necessity to society. While some continue to argue that modern day inoculation does more harm than good, the numbers and history show that it can save thousands. Those who refuse to get a simple shot or mist are putting their health, as well as the well-beings of others at risk. Disease has always posed a threat to society, but this danger could be put to an end if everyone vaccinated.

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