Vaccines Should Be Mandatory For Children Essay

Vaccines Should Be Mandatory For Children Essay

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There are numerous amounts of controversies in the field of medicine. One of these issues is the argument on whether or not it should be mandatory for children and adults to be vaccinated. Evidence has uncovered that people have been getting vaccinated as early as 1000 CE, in China, to help prevent and protect their people from smallpox (All Timelines Overview). Over the course of time, scientists have progressed in their studies of various diseases to make safe and effective vaccines to prevent people from contracting the harmful diseases. Vaccines should be mandatory for people around the world because they can save children’s lives, the ingredients are safe, getting vaccinated can save families time and money, and they can protect future generations.
There are millions of children that populate our world at the moment and more are being born every second. Because children are so young, their immune systems are not very strong; the immune system is what helps people’s bodies fight against an illness. Because children have not been alive for very long, they most likely have not been exposed to various bacteria, which inhibits their body to learn how to fight against and destroy the bacteria.
Sareault 2 states that:
“Most childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective in preventing disease. According to a United Nations Foundation partner organization, vaccines save 2.5 million children from preventable diseases every year, which equates to roughly 285 children saved every hour. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 732,000 American children were saved from death and 322 million cases of childhood illnesses were prevented between 1994 and 2014 due to vaccination. The measles vaccine has decreased childhood ...

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... the vaccinations, the opportunity for bacteria and viruses to spread is increased greatly. Even if the diseases are not a threat in this country, they might be in another country. With people going in and out of America every day, there is a possibility of picking up a disease that the traveler is carrying.
Making vaccinations mandatory would be very beneficial for the world population. By the government making these vaccinations mandatory, it can save so many lives. No one likes being sick or watching ones they love coming down with an illness that could potentially cost them their life. One way the government is helping this controversy is by making it mandatory
Sareault 6
for students public schools become vaccinated in order to attend. With more small steps like these, it will not be long before this issue is resolved and everyone is required to receive them.

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