Essay on Vaccines Of The Anti Vaccine Movement

Essay on Vaccines Of The Anti Vaccine Movement

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Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. Immunizations have been used since the 18th century to cure various deadly diseases, from smallpox to the influenza virus. On a global level, vaccination is one of the few cost-effective medical measures that result in universal benefit. Still, there have always been people opposed to vaccinations because of possible side effects. With the increase in technology and the ability to share ideas in modern society, the anti-vaccine movement has flourished, making the eradication of disease and safety of the public a difficult task. The anti-vaccine movement in the United States is one which brings about a very serious issue of safety. Vaccinations are put in place to protect people; they are administered by trained professionals who weigh the costs and benefits of vaccines. However, due to even the slightest possibility of side effects, people tend to ignore the benefits of vaccination and often decide against the practice. In order to ensure a safe society, the public needs to be educated about vaccines in order to make a truly informed decision.
Wherever there is vaccination there are always some people who oppose it. The first step to identifying a solution to a such a problem is understanding how it is caused. Public support for inoculations had been at an all time high of 95%, before the anti-vaccine movement swept across the United States. The new anti-vaccine movement in the United States is quickly gaining support as a result of the wide use of technology to spread ideas, an anti-authority stance promoting distrust of the government and mandated vaccines, as well as society’s lack of understanding about immunizations.
In addition to understanding the problem, it is important to unde...

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...of the public. This must be done in a way that still grants people the freedom of choice, which promotes a greater trust of government vaccination programs. There should be an increase in funding for vaccination research that identifies concrete evidence for the public that vaccines are effective and safe. Anti-vaccination threatens the safety of not just the individual, but of the public. When people think of vaccinations, they should not think of vaccinations as a decision that affects them but one that affects everyone around them. A decision which affects people too young and too old to be inoculated even though they may have wanted to be vaccinated. The decision to not be inoculated puts everyone at risk. If the government can carry this process out effectively and educate the public on vaccinations, the country will be a much safer place in the face of disease.

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