Vaccines, Gonorrhea, And Rheumatic Fever Essay

Vaccines, Gonorrhea, And Rheumatic Fever Essay

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Vaccines have prevented many diseases in the United States, although diseases like whooping cough and chicken pox still remain common. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1900’s which helped cure infections like pneumonia, gonorrhea and rheumatic fever.
Immunizations have been proven to prevent various childhood illnesses, although it has also been overlooked by many individuals, as it has posed many risks and side effects.
There are parents out there who strictly believe in immunizing their children, not only for the sake of their kid’s well- being, but also for the safety of their society. According to American Academy of Pediatrics “each year 2.1 million children 19 to 35 months of age are under vaccinated”. Unvaccinated children can pose a high risk of spreading and acquiring infections and diseases. For instance, Disneyland has been just in news for contracting measles outbreak, from an unvaccinated person. The spread of measles in Disneyland targeted five employees and many others. This outbreak, caused many people to get vaccinated in order to go to Disneyland.
Although vaccinations are given to protect children from getting sick, vaccines also help prevent the spread of diseases and infections to others. Immunizations work both ways of preventing and not spreading infections and diseases. Vaccinations are becoming a mandatory requirement for applying for jobs, schools, universities, and many more. For example, in order to get a job now anywhere, one must complete a physical, get a Tuberculosis test done, get a Flu shot etc. Same with schools and university’s parents are highly encouraged to vaccinate their children. Now days some day cares also require people to immunize their children for the well-being of...

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... to their patients.
Many people also refrain from vaccines due to religious reasons. Although in many religions such as Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity, vaccinations are highly encouraged.
Although one should not jump on any conclusion without researching more on the topic by themselves. It is always a good idea to research a topic, if one is confused. Self-research is the best tool, rather than listening to other people or doctors. A parent knows what is best and safe for their children and what is not. It is true that vaccines can be harmful with various side effects and are overlooked by many, but vaccines have also been proven to help prevent children against many diseases.
At the end, after educating my audience on both positive and negative aspects of childhood immunization, it is completely up to them, whether to immunize their children or not.

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