Vaccines Are Highly Dangerous And Cause Autism Essay

Vaccines Are Highly Dangerous And Cause Autism Essay

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Pathogens have existed since the beginning of time and have been responsible for billions of deaths. Whether it’s the Black Plague, smallpox, or polio, disease has been the living’s number one enemy for centuries. However, the discovery and development of vaccinations in the 1700s have helped many overcome these deadly diseases and have assisted others in developing immunities against said pathogens. By vaccinating infants and children, we are preventing them from developing diseases that could potentially kill them, as well as strengthening their immune systems. Vaccinations contain chemical elements such as mercury and aluminum which, in reasonable doses, aide in fighting pathogens (Federal and Drug Administration, 2014). In addition, the development of vaccinations has led to significantly lower cases of serious diseases, such as polio, and in other cases, it has led to the near-extermination of an entire pathogen, for instance smallpox (ProCon, 2015). While some people strongly believe that vaccines are highly dangerous and may even cause autism, research has found that that is in no way the case (Moftah, 2015). Vaccinations aide in keeping human beings alive and healthy and should therefore be required by law.
In 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner became the first person in history to administer a vaccination. By taking pus from a smallpox lesion, Dr. Jenner created the concept of vaccinations and using the disease causing pathogens to cure diseases. After developing a functional smallpox vaccine, Jenner’s work and ideas lead other scientist to further development of immunization against other diseases. In 1885, Louis Pasteur used Jenner’s ideas to develop a rabies vaccine which later led to the development of vaccines against tetanus...

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...the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens present in any of the vaccines.” Parents who do not vaccinate their kids are often doing it with the best intentions in mind, but what they fail to realize is that by doing so, they are endangering the lives of their loved ones.
Since their discovery in 1796, vaccinations have improved the health of many and have prevented the death of several others. Vaccines have been proven to work by numerous sources. Their ingredients may sound dangerous, but can be extremely effective if given in proper doses. Contrary to popular belief, vaccines do not cause autism as proven by other doctors. By not vaccinating children, the whole population is being put at risk of developing deadly diseases. In conclusion, vaccinations have changed our lives for the best and in order to keep it that way, vaccines should be required for everyone.

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