Vaccines And The Health Of The United States Essay

Vaccines And The Health Of The United States Essay

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Vaccines play an important role in protecting the overall health of the United States. Recently, due to growing concerns of a possible link between autism and vaccines, the number of children who have received their recommended vaccinations has gradually decreased. During the 2002-2003 school year an average of 96.1% of kindergartners had been reported vaccinated; this past school year, that average percentage dropped 2.1% (“Vaccination Coverage”). As this number decreases, our country faces a threat to potential contagious disease outbreaks. Every American child should be required to be vaccinated, because the lack of vaccinations threatens the health of the entire country. Modern science has proven that vaccines are vital to protecting a nation. This essay will explain the importance of vaccines, and argue why the recent claims provide no justification to avoid getting vaccinated.
What vaccines are and how they work are important aspects to understand. At the same time, it is necessary to stress their importance. Vaccines are used to provide immunity against various diseases. The main importance of vaccines is to protect entire populations; without them, widespread outbreaks occur. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “vaccines produce immunity about 90-100% of the time” (“Basics”). Vaccines go through extensive testing to be approved before being used in humans. Each vaccination used today has already been approved by the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA). Vaccines prepare the immune system for future invasions of similar microbes contained in each particular vaccine (“Basics”). Due to the advancement of vaccines, this country has seen a significant decrease in many deadly and preventable dis...

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...s important, vaccines are important for entire populations on a national and global level.
Taking into account all of the information provided, it is in our country’s best interest to vaccinate every single child. Science has concluded that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the rare detriments. Despite recent claims, parents should not be worried about their children acquiring autism from vaccines. Without taking the preventative measure in getting each child vaccinated, the country faces a threat of a widespread outbreak of infectious diseases. Every child needs to be vaccinated in order to prevent easy-to-control diseases from spreading. Vaccines are some of medicine’s greatest achievements. Mass coverage of the many preventable contagious diseases can protect millions of people. The overall health of the United States is in the hands of this generation’s parents.

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