Essay about Vaccines And Health Hazards Should Be Mandatory

Essay about Vaccines And Health Hazards Should Be Mandatory

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In opening there are people who believe that vaccines and health hazards should be mandatory towards every person starting at the age of one and continues until eight teen years of age. Those people are wrong, why would someone ever believes that it’s all right to inject babies with multiple harmful vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella and many more. These types of vaccines can lead to serious health problems in the future or even as soon as later on that day of the child receiving these vaccines. Although some may say babies and older children need these vaccines to survive whom, to say that they are right. There are multiple children out there that parents will decide not to allow their children to get certain vaccines because of the long-term effect it could have on their body. Vaccines are bad for little children because of the side effects they can cause in their body. Doctors have been researching these founding’s for years and still can not come up with a concrete reason behind the death of thousands of children.
The one effect that stands out the most to individuals would be the well knows autism. Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Even though some may say that there is not many cases out there with children getting autism from these vaccines it has happened before. Vaccines can be harmful not only to little children, but also to people from the ages of five through nineteen. Vaccinates should not be mandatory because it can cause long-term health hazards sometimes even death. Health care professional need to implement a law to reform using vaccines.
Although, vaccines have been mandatory in many places for a long time now, but that still doesn’t stop pe...

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...y parents to see that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, which means if a child that has been vaccinated gets sick and comes in contact with someone who didn’t get the vaccine could be harm worse than the one person witch the illness started with.
In closing vaccinates should not be mandatory because it can cause long-term health hazards sometimes even death. With that being said, there are many more disease hidden behind multiple vaccines so parents should research, he side effects before given certain vaccines to their little ones. There are numerous amounts of children who will never get vaccinated in their life span and will remain to live a healthy life like everyone else who have gotten vaccinated. Lastly autism is a big problem with vaccines; therefore parents should not allow their little ones to get injected with just any vaccine even if it is mandatory.

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