Vaccines And Children : A Case Study Essay example

Vaccines And Children : A Case Study Essay example

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Vaccines & Children: A Case Study
The subject of children and vaccines is incredibly controversial because it concerns the involvement of the government in the lives of our children. However, when considering all the facts, it becomes clear that vaccines must be administered to all children in order to avoid the relapse of deadly diseases around the world. It is important to review history when determining one’s feelings on vaccines. Before we had them, were we healthier? It has been found time and time again that though vaccines do come with some flaws, the good they do far exceeds the bad. They have been proven safe by the world’s most premier scientists, despite the risks incurred. Lastly, it is the duty of the human race to, as it has been said, “protect the herd.” If we do not, we all suffer in the end. Of course, there will always be exceptions for religious beliefs, etc., but it is imperative that the general public accept vaccines, even with some flaws, as a positive step towards a healthier world.
Before considering the above points more thoroughly, the opposing view should be noted. Those against childhood vaccines say that it is not the duty of the government to force vaccinations upon its children. Those who adopt this view feel that the parent is the ultimate decision maker for this sort of choice. What’s more, they believe that the side effects that are possible with vaccines, such as ADHD, seizures, and anaphylaxis are too great a risk to undertake. Though many of these side effects are literally one in one million, they are still present, and are taken very seriously by those who oppose childhood vaccinations. Some also believe that the ingredients of vaccines, such as thimerosal, found in some flu shots, can ca...

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... that is becoming more and more highly prioritized. Immunizing children is absolutely necessary in order to prevent previously eradicated diseases from reappearing. Children should be vaccinated because history shows that the world was much more infected with disease before vaccinations came along. They have been proven over and over again to be safe via rigorous testing by the finest scientists and organizations. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, immunizations are critical due to the need to protect not only other family members, but the whole world from becoming susceptible to a disease because one person did not take action. This case study is one that does not only effect parents and children in the United States, but people around the world. If childhood vaccinations are not widely accepted by parents, the whole world will feel the effects of disease.

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