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Many people have strong opinions on whether or not you should vaccinate your children. Although there are some people in between that allow their kids to get some vaccines, most who oppose do not give their child any. In the Frontline documentary “Vaccine War,” there was clearly a for and opposed group for vaccines. Both sides made points throughout the documentary outlining their beliefs.
People who do not vaccinate their children do so for many different reasons. Groups such as Generation Rescue provide a support system and anti-vaccine advocacy. From the research done by British Gastroenterologist, Andrew Wakefield, they believe that vaccine have a negative affect and cause autism as well as regression in their children. Children, from the time they are born to the age of six, receive 35 vaccines that fight against 14 diseases. Sometimes, up to 7 immunizations are given to a baby during one appointment. Anti-vaxxers believe that surely all of the thimerosal, which contains a mercury derivative, is too much for children’s brains to handle and is causing regressions in children. The opposing side, pro-vaccinators, are made up of mostly the engineers which created the vaccines, public health officials, and parents of children have a weakened immune system. Although many diseases and illnesses have been irradiated in the United States, it is still prevalent in lesser developed countries. This means that if someone travels to one of those countries without the vaccination, they could bring it back creating a mass outbreak because many others are also unvaccinated. Anti-vaxxers are also greatly concerned with the possible side effects of vaccines, but Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease as...

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..., like Bangor and Biddeford, Maine, that have 0% of the kindergarten class unvaccinated or exempt from vaccinations. But there are also towns, like Portland and Gardiner, Maine, where the kindergarten class has up to 9% of their students exempt from vaccinations (Portland Press Herald, 2015). The majority of children that go to school that are unvaccinated are missing a key vaccine, the MMR vaccine. This prevents the spread of three different illnesses that could be highly dangerous if caught. (Lawlor, 2015). Vaccinations rates are still in the 80-100% in developed nations despite Wakefield’s scare. Parents should continue to have the right to vaccinate or not vaccinate their children. Yes, there are many cons to not vaccinating your child, but each parent should hopefully make an educated to what they see is fit for their child and make their decisions off of that.

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