Essay about Vaccines : A Safe And Harmful Effect On The Society Of Today

Essay about Vaccines : A Safe And Harmful Effect On The Society Of Today

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Since 1792 vaccines have captured the world attention and has shook the minds of people and their overall safety and effectiveness. Vaccines have provided a safe and harmful effect on the society of today. The history of vaccines and the overall belief that the virus are rare and there is no need for it has sculpted the minds of people and the ideals of vaccines. First I discuss how the history of vaccines have had a hand in changing the mindset of the people. Then I will touch on how the belief of the virus are rare and that “it can’t happen to me” (Web MD) mindset has played a part in how people think towards vaccines and their overall safety and effectiveness. In this essay I will discuss if vaccines are overall beneficial or not through history and through the ideals that epidemics and virus are rare and only a few are susceptible to getting the epidemic and are in the need of the vaccine.
History are another way people ideals are changed pf the thought of vaccines. School and teachers provide students and parents a positive as well as a negative look on vaccines and their overall effectiveness and safety. History is a major way people look towards vaccines. History for one perspective could be seen as they have had some bad effects on people. They seem to believe vaccines can cause autism. Not scientifically proven yet parents say their child had no sign of autism till their child received the vaccination. If one person was took look at the history of vaccines in a different light they would see the help it has brought people. It has eradicated many outbreaks in past like smallpox and polio epidemic.
If we were to look at the point of the people that support the use of vaccine they would bring up the history of the smallpox...

... middle of paper ...

... the individual. Even if you or your friends don 't travel, you just can 't know where the family next to you in the elevator or waiting room or food court has been.
Also the mindset that it’s not serious and can’t happen to me can be true of many epidemics. In fact most of the epidemics that are prevented through vaccines aren’t serious, but they do all have the possibility of getting serious. Measles, for example, can lead to many complications, including brain difficulties. In the U.S. alone forty people were hospitalized, five got pneumonia and three had other complications. (History of Vaccines) The other point that often gets lost is that while you or your child might weather chicken pox or measles or whatever just fine, if the newborn next door or your ailing grandmother catches it from you, they might not. Vaccines affect the health of entire communities.

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