Vaccine Promotion Plan For A Vaccine Essay

Vaccine Promotion Plan For A Vaccine Essay

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The Gavi Alliance, a vaccine promotions company, is working to give vaccinations to children in third world countries. They have provided 500 million children with vaccinations, and they protected them from 7 million deaths. 80% of the vaccines that were made in 2013 went straight to developing countries that could not be protected against the diseases that were spreading in their country, the only vice the inhabitants had (Lam, Bourree).
Not vaccinating based on the cost of vaccine can be deadly. By not vaccinating one is allowing the disease to enter their body freely, and giving it a pathway to spread to other non-vaccinated people around them. The medical care that one will spend money on will add up. Buying the vaccine will save one money in the long run. Spending a certain amount of money on a vaccine can save you a possibility of thousands down the road, depending on if one has the disease or not. One vaccine can be a moment of clarity to save one tremendously. One can save $10 for every dollar spent on a vaccine, preventing the disease that could have caused thousands more in debt. By choosing not to vaccinate a child based on costly reasons, one is choosing to surrender to a global market debate rather than to one’s child’s future medical bills (Lam, Bourree).
A star like Jenny McCarthy is bringing conversation the anti-vaccination movement, shedding light on the not talked about facts about vaccinations. Parents are nor looking into the ingredients within vaccines, and turning away from a lifesaving device. Many parents are changing from their anti-vaccination movement to a pro-vaccination movement due to a close call with their child possibly catching a disease. Parents are haunted by the possibility that comes with ...

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...seases can come back and haunt the rest of the world for people who aren’t vaccinated. There are people who cannot defend themselves against the diseases that vaccines can prevent. It is up to her immunity and the intelligence of others to stop the viscous cycle. This can leave us with a lasting trend of a disease that could have been completely irradiated. The possible lasting trends area growing anti-vaccination movement in California spreading to many more. However, I see a decrease in it when diseases start to break out due to no herd immunity. The people who are choosing to vaccinate will cause a stir in our history. The possible historic impact can lead to an overall healthier and safer society. We can move towards complete immunity and health with vaccines. We can irradiate disease in the United States if we allow ourselves to do so (Jacobs, Charlotte DeCroes).

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